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# ABOUT DROPISPY ### What is Dropispy? Dropispy is a spying tool for ads collected on social networks. Dropispy collects every day thousands ads that are then made available on its platform. In addition to the ads, Dropispy allows you to spy on shops worldwide through its database representing 40 million ads, and 400 thousands shops. It is also the first ads spy tool which establishes a connection between the ads / products / and shops present on its platform. ### What is Dropispy used for? - Dropispy allows you to find winning products by spying on successful ads with social proof and real-time data. - Dropispy allows you to spy on winning ads, innovative ads and adjust yours to increase your profitability. - Dropispy allows you to discover your competitors' ads and check your niches. - Dropispy allows you to spy on the most successful shops of the moment and to discover their hot products. ### What are the advantages of Dropispy? - Dropispy has a huge database that grows by thousands every day. - Dropispy is a comprehensive ads spy tool with a very competitive price for its quality and functionalities. - Dropispy offers you a multitude of real time data (social proof, target audience etc.). Moreover, for Dropshipping product ads, you have access to product details, product photos, shop data and much more. - Dropispy is the only tool on the market to offer a complete ranking of the best Dropshipping stores in the world. # ABOUT REGISTRATION ### How do I register? You have to choose a plan and indicate your e-mail, your Name and your nationality. No credit card is required for the Free plan. Note that if you have registered on the platform without choosing a plan, you are automatically directed to a Free plan. ### How do I verify my email address? After your registration, you will receive a verification email in your mailbox. This is in order to verify your email address and avoid false accounts. You have to go to the content of the email and click on check your email. That's it, your email address is verified, you can connect to Dropispy. ### I didn't receive the verification email you sent me? Please remember to check in your promotion tab, your SPAMs, or your junk mail. If you can't find it, please contact us on our live chat or by email at contact@dropispy.com. ### I can't connect to the tool? Remember to check your email (see above), otherwise you won't be able to access the platform. # ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS ### How do I upgrade to a higher plan? To do this, go to the settings of your user profile (https://dropispy.com/user) ### What are the different subscriptions/plans available? Free Plan : As soon as you register on the platform, you are automatically directed to a Free plan, which allows you to discover the platform and its features. Please note that usage restrictions apply to this plan. These restrictions may take the form of a time limit, and/or a locking of certain ads and features (example: you cannot see the most recent ads, you cannot access the Shops section of the tool). Premium Plan: You can switch to the Premium Plan by going to your profile settings and get access to all the features of the tool. In the Premium plan you have 150,000 "credits" per month (see below the definition of a "credit"). Business Plan: Like the Premium plan, the Business plan allows you to obtain access to the platform and all its features. This plan also gives access to the Dropispy API and an additional amount of "credits". ### Are the subscriptions monthly or yearly? On Dropispy both paid plans are available monthly or yearly. That is to say that you can choose to pay your subscription by month or by year. If you opt for a yearly subscription the price will be much cheaper than if you opt for a monthly subscription. On the other hand, the annual subscription is only payable in one installment. ### What is a "credit"? Since the 25/11/2020, the notion of "credit" has appeared on the platform. Except for the Free plan, the Premium plan and the Business plan contain a limited amount of "credits". The "credits" are distributed either per month or per year depending on whether you have opted for the monthly or annual subscription. The notion of "credits" is specific to Dropispy. Credits" are consumed when using the tool. For example, when a request is made, when scrolling through the ads, or when a detail page is viewed. Please note that the "credits" system was not put in place to limit your use of the tool but to compensate for the abusive use of certain people. Indeed, some people took advantage of the advantageous conditions of the service to share and resell their Dropsipy accounts. ### Are the 150 000 "credits" included in the Premium Plan sufficient for 1 month of full use of the tool? Yes, these "credits" are more than enough to cover the sustained use of the tool for 1 person for 1 month. ### Can I be reimbursed for unused "credits"? No, on the other hand, if you do not use all of your "credits" included in your period (monthly or yearly), they will not be lost but transferred to your next period. For example, if you are on a monthly Premium subscription and you have 50,000 "credits" left at the end of your period, you will not start your new period with 150,000 "credits" but with 200,000. ### What do I do if my "credits" are depleted? When your "credits" are depleted you can either wait for the renewal of your "credits" during your next period or you can buy additional "credits" to continue using the tool. ### Is Dropispy guaranteed satisfied or refunded? No, Dropispy is not guaranteed satisfied or refunded, but you have a Free plan to give you an idea of the quality/functionality of the tool. ### Can I request a refund? In general, we do not accept any refunds. Whether it is for a reason of dissatisfaction with the tool, forgetting to close your account or not using the tool, we do not refund. # ABOUT CANCELLATION OF SUBSCRIPTIONS ### Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time? Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and we will not charge you after that date. ### Will I still have access to the tool if I cancel my subscription before the end of my current period? Yes, after cancelling your subscription, you will be able to access Dropispy until the end of your current period (monthly or yearly), For example : - If you have an annual subscription and you cancel it 4 months after your initial payment, you will have access to the tool and all the features included in your plan for the next 8 months. - If you have a monthly subscription and you cancel it 20 days after your initial payment, you will have access to the tool and all the features included in your plan for the next 10 days. Attention, if you cancel your subscription before the end date of your period and no longer wish to use the tool, we will not refund the remaining days of your billing period, nor your remaining "credits". ### What will happen to my unused "credits" when I cancel my subscription? If you still have "credits" left on your Dropispy account and you cancel your subscription, your "credits" will be lost. We repeat here that we do not refund the "credits" remaining on your account. # ABOUT THE USE OF DROPISPY ### Why can't I see the ads? After registering, you could see the ads. If this is not the case we recommend you use the Chrome browser. ### How can I find the ads? After registering, you have to use the filters to set your search parameters and off you go! ### Why can't I see the most recent ads? This means that you are on the Free plan which allows you to use Dropispy, however, some features are locked (see section above: about subscription). If you want to see the latest ads, you must switch to a paid plan. ### Can we use Dropispy as a team? Yes, you can subscribe to our Business Plan (see the section above: about subscription), which includes a large number of "credits" and allows you to use Dropispy with several people on the same account. # ABOUT PAYMENT ### What payment methods are accepted? You can pay by credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express etc). ### Is the payment secure? Of course, we have opted for Stripe, the safest solution for all online payments. # ABOUT US ### Who are you? We are a Swiss company, located in Geneva, specialized in data analysis. ### Are you collecting data about me? Please see our privacy policies. ### Do you offer an affiliate program? Yes, for this kind of request contact us by email at contact@dropispy.com. # OTHER REQUESTS? You have a live chat, and we're here to help you. If we are absent from the chat, please email our support team at contact@dropispy.com. <!--stackedit_data: eyJoaXN0b3J5IjpbLTIxMDc0OTU2ODEsLTE4NjU4Mzk0NDYsLT EzMzE5OTg3MzIsNTg0OTUzNTM3LDcyNzk2MjQ1NSwzNTM0NTYw NDQsLTE0NjAyODY2MDQsMTUwOTUzNTA4MCwtNzk4NjMxOTk3LC 0xMzc0MzU0NTgsLTg0MDQ3MzUxMiwtMTMzMTA4OTA3LDEyMTI2 MjExMTAsNDMxNDg1ODA1LC00NzQ4MjMzMzQsMTk4MzQ4MjcyMi wtNjA3NTIyNTE4XX0= -->