Winning Products : The best methods to find your next winner !

While some claim that winning products are pure invention and only marketing matters, others argue that they are the key to success in Dropshipping. Personally, we are convinced that the choice of products is crucial for the success of an e-commerce store.

Finf winning products dropispy

Similarly, many beginners make the mistake of spending a lot of time on store design and product promotion and neglect the essential point of a profitable store: Selecting their winning product.

Certainly, finding and choosing a well-selling product on AliExpress is a proven method. This may still be of interest. However, other methods are currently less time-consuming and more effective in finding winning products: social media spy tools!

Finding a winning product with an ad spy tool is then, in our opinion, the most efficient method. This method is based on a key indicator: the success of its ad (its ad). In other words, if an ad counts a lot of interactions (likes, comments, reactions), it means that the product put forward is viral and is necessarily a winner. It therefore has a good chance of also being a winner for you! Of course, there are some subtleties to know and take into consideration when doing your research.

In this article, we will discuss all these points in detail.

How to find a winning product ?

To find a winning product, there are several possible methods. Let’s try to walk through these methods:

  • The classic method: AliExpress and its Business center (we will come back to this in detail in a future article);
  • The Facebook methods: For example, a simple Facebook method is simply to observe the ads on your Facebook news feed. We will then look for those that count a lot of interactions. The disadvantage of this method is that it proposes that a tiny quantity of ads is present on Facebook.

Indeed, Facebook has taken care to publish a portrait of its users. Their genders, their ages, their preferences, their passions, etc. When we browse our news feed, we are targeted by ads that match this portrait. It is possible to “trick” Facebook into changing its user profile in order to be targeted by other ads. However, this takes a long time. And more importantly, it doesn’t solve the root problem: we’re still targeted by a tiny fraction of the thousands of ads posted on social media every day. So we miss most of the interesting ads!

In general, Facebook methods are perhaps more time-consuming and less effective, however, it is always possible to find your winner on Facebook! If you want to know more, we wrote a full article on the best ways to find a winning product on Facebook (See the Winning Product category of our blog). For example, using keywords in the search bar:

  • The most effective method according to us and many e-merchants: It consists of using ad spy tools. This is the case of Adspy tools which collect thousands of ads every day and make them available on a platform. In this sense, you have the opportunity to find the best trending products thanks to these Facebook ad spy tools.
The best method, you already know it! All you have to do is take action. And to get there, you have to decide now! And to help you make the best choice, we spare no effort to provide you with in-depth information at various levels. This is precisely why we have written an article that will help you easily and quickly find your best winning products online. If you are interested, we invite you to read the article which discusses how to use Dropispy for your product search.

Spy on the best social media ads

First, to spy on the best ads online, you need a Facebook ads spy tool, etc. Indeed, a spy tool is a social media ad sourcing software. And the power of an online ad spy tool is first its large volume of general and e-commerce ads, then its relevant filters.

Thanks to such an ad spy tool, you develop precise searches to find ads that interest you (you can target your niche or a specific audience, for example). You will then have access to a database of tens of millions of ads to find your winning product.

Then, we have several of these tools on the market. Among them:



The AdSpy app is also an ad spy tool on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. AdSpy works by collecting online ads. Which makes its database comprehensive and searchable to gather the key information about trending winning ads.

Thanks to its relevant filters, the AdSpy ad spy tool gives you the possibility of collecting the best Dropshipping advertising winners in real time.

Filtres adspy

In fact, this is possible because the software takes care of spying on social networks to collect a large number of ads among which you will find the winners that meet your marketing objective.

We have extended the field to you on the features of the AdSpy spy tool. Does that motivate you? If so, then take advantage without delay to read the article developed on a comparative analysis AdSpy vs Dropispy.



Poweradspy is also an online ads spy tool that has a variety of relevant filters and ad sorting, then a large volume of general and e-commerce ads. Indeed, Poweradspy spies on your rivals’ ads in order to provide you with the winning ads with high potential.

Better, Poweradspy relies on a very large number of sources to collect Facebook ads in order to present you with the best news ads on its platform. It is an ad spy tool that comes close to the AdSpy app in terms of functionality.

Aren’t you curious to find out more about Poweradspy? Yes, you don’t have to worry! Here is what we offer to satisfy you: an article based on an AdSpy vs Poweradspy comparative study (See the Adspy Tool category of our blog)!



The Dropispy app is a Facebook ad spy tool that has a large volume of general and e-commerce ads, then a very wide variety of filters and sorting of ads.

It makes it easy to find all these ads thanks to its powerful system of filters. It is a very advanced Facebook ads spy tool due to its many features.

Dropispy search filter

Dropispy is a real social media spy tool that has already proven itself in the competitive dropshipping and e-commerce market in terms of functionality and price-quality ratio.

Your goal is to find the best winning products that are a hit on social networks. To do this, you need to collect reliable information on these ads in order to properly establish your marketing strategy.

In this sense, the Dropispy app will help you unquestionably stand out from Dropshippers or e-merchants who are looking for high-potential products by classic and/or traditional methods, or by non-performing advertising spy tools.

Dropispy adspy tool

In short, Dropispy is, these days, the serious Facebook ad spy tool that rivals AdSpy. This is also the time for you to visit the article that will meet your expectations on the subject: it is a comparative analysis Dropispy vs AdSpy (See the Adspy Tool category of our blog).

Because it holds more relevant filters than the latter. Which gives it the power to more quickly and easily find the top winning trending Facebook products you need to flesh out your marketing plans. You can choose to try it, and you will definitely be a super fan!

Note that there are several other Facebook ad spy tools. Also, do you want to know more about spying on online ads? There is an article for you that encompasses how to spy on social media ads. If you are interested, you can find out in another dimension how to find a winning Dropshipping product by spying on social media ads.

Spy on the best online stores in the world

Spying on the best shops on social media is really very interesting when it is done through the use of spy tools. What could be more effective than spying on the best Dropshipping shops to find a winning product?

Shop spy Dropispy

Indeed, with a powerful spy tool like Dropispy, you have all the possibilities to spy on the best online stores. From this angle, understand that a fashionable store necessarily contains winning products that are being sold.

That being said, finding a “winning” shop means that you are likely to also find “winning” ads and therefore your winning product. For us, this found shop is a source of inspiration to which we must pay particular attention.

This is why, as usual, we spare no effort to provide you with the essential information you need to be sufficiently equipped in the process of your choice of online ad spy tools. Thus, we have written a complete article on the right strategies to spy on the best shops on the Internet. If this matters to you, we invite you to read the article on how to spy on the best Dropshipping stores.

Find winning products on Aliexpress

Find winning products on Aliexpress

AliExpress is a platform that gives you benefits; it is a real gold mine if you are Dropshippers. Every day you will see millions of products there. This is an opportunity that represents a real central potential to encourage Internet users to buy on your online platform. Although finding a winning product on AliExpress is a well-known method, this one is still very interesting.

What to understand by Dropshipping Center AliExpress ?

It is a central service that introduces you to the ease of conducting your Dropshipping business on AliExpress. The AliExpress Dropshipping Center analyzes the power of each product for you. Then, it helps you in finding genuine and reliable suppliers. And remember, it’s free!

In short, thanks to this tool, you have access to two main features, namely:

  • Find the winning products;
  • Analyze products.

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is therefore a free tool allowing you to have trendy winning products, then to analyze orders as well as the reliability of suppliers.

We are convinced that many will want to go further in this case in order to have more information. If this is your case, then we invite you to read our article on the effective way to find the best products on AliExpress. (COCOON LINK)


There are several Facebook ad spy tools, etc. to find trendy winning products. And here you need to know which of the online ad spy tools is effective to give you a good return in your Dropshipping business.

In addition, the AliExpress Dropshipping Center is also a powerful tool to find products, sort them and finally analyze a high potential winning product on AliExpress. All this for the success of your e-commerce business.

We are eager to know your impression of this article!

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