Ad Spy tools – Discover the ultimate Dropispy tool and how it works !

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Ad Spy tools

The advance of digital technology has led to the appearance of a large number of ad spy tools, including Dropispy. Indeed, Dropispy is one of the best current ad spy tools for online advertising.

We have discussed these best ad spy tools in a more in-depth article that we invite you to read, in order to discover the Best Ad spy app 2022 (COCOON LINK).

In this article, we will first discover the usefulness of ad spy tools, and particularly discuss the ad spy tool from Dropispy; then, we will learn together how to search for a successful ad.

What are the Ad spy tools used for ?

First, ad spy tools are Web ad spy tools. In doing so, they collect countless ads in their database with the aim of providing them to Dropshippers and e-merchants when searching for winning products online.

Dropispy adspy tool

Thus, ad spy tools allow advertisers to collect in real time the real information they need to properly establish their marketing policy.

The important thing with ad spy tools is to know the methods or strategies used by competitors, the potential winners of their stores, then the different niches on which their advertising campaigns are based.

However, without an advanced quality ad spy tool, you cannot have very good results in your Dropshipping business. This is why we suggest that you read our article focused on Facebook ad spy (COCOON LINK) in order to take advantage of the essentials therein for you.

Now, since there are several ad spy tools, let us explore one among them. So, let’s discuss Dropispy’s ad spy tool to understand how it works.

The Dropispy’s ad spy tool

The first thing is to log in to the tool. Once we are connected, we access by default the “ADS” section of the Dropispy ad spy tool. This section lists tens of millions of ads from social networks.

Dropispy adspy

By default, the tool sorts ads by “Last Seen Date”. In other words, the app sorts ads that were last seen by Dropispy on Facebook.

Then we can define precise search criteria to target and find ads that interest us. To do this, you can click on the “Filters” button.

Filters Dropispy

A filter window appears on the screen. It is this window that allows us to carry out ultra-precise searches in the advertising database:

Dropispy filter

In this window, the filters are grouped into several categories. We will list category by category each of these filters.

Creative Part

Here is how it looks :

Creative filters Dropispy

The Creative part is therefore composed of a set of several filters, namely:

  • Text search: It allows you to carry out searches by keywords to find all the ads which, in their titles or descriptions, contain these words. We can use it, for example, to target our niche.
  • Post creation date: This is a filter that allows you to select a date range in which the ads were created. We may use it to target recent ads or ads in the past. Indeed, a product that sold well last year can also be a hit again this year.
  • Media type: It allows to define the media type of the ad, namely: an image, a video, a carousel or an album.
  • Page name: This is used to distinguish ads from a particular Facebook page. We can use this filter to analyze the ads of a very specific competitor (Example of the Facebook page of a successful store).
  • First seen date: It lets you know when the ad was first seen on Facebook. In other words, this filter makes it possible to know the date on which the ad was collected by our service from Facebook.
  • Last seen date: This is the filter that lets you know when the ad was last seen on Facebook. If the ad was seen a long time ago, this one is definitely no longer active. Conversely, if this one was last seen a short time ago, it is probably still running on Facebook.

Target Audience Part

Here is how the atmosphere of the Target Audience presents itself:

Target audience filters

The Target audience part allows you to filter ads according to their audiences. This lists the country, gender and age of the people who saw the ad. For example, we can search for products that have been successful in the USA whose advertising language is English.

Redirect Links Part

The Redirect link part allows either to filter by:

Redirect links filters
  • Domain name: We can directly place the domain of a competitor’s site “Domain name”. Thus, we will be able to walk through all the ads that Dropispy has collected on this site.
  • Ecom Platform: We can also select the type of destination e-commerce platform (Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce). For example, by filtering e-commerce type platforms, this makes it possible to target only ads promoting e-commerce products.
  • The type of call to action (CTA) of the ad: This is the button present on the Facebook ad of the type: “Shop now”, “Get offer”, “Apply now”, etc. In the context of e-commerce, it is this button that will direct our prospects to our online store.

Reactions Part

Reactions filters

The Reaction section allows ads to be filtered by the specific number of interactions they have. We can filter the number of likes, shares, comments and reactions (Like, Haha, Grr, Wow etc.).

Now that we have understood how Dropispy’s ad spy tool works, let’s push our curiosity to find out how to use it to effectively search for an ad.

How to search for a successful ad

Searching for ads with the Dropispy app necessarily requires going through certain crucial steps. Indeed, to achieve this, we must use the appropriate filters to come across ads that are dedicated to Dropshipping.

As an example of suitable relevant filters on this point, we have:

  • Ad creation date: within the last 30 days;
  • Media type of the ad: video format;
  • Redirection platform: Shopify;
  • Call to action or Call To Action (CTA) of the ad: Shop now, get offer, apply now;
  • Number of likes between 250 and 2500: indeed, you are not the only one to search for winning ads with an ads spy tool. If you target the ads with the most likes, you can be sure that many Dropshippers will have seen them before, and will surely have already launched the products online. It is therefore interesting to target ads with a number of likes between 250 and 2500, and thus come across successful ads that few people have already seen!
Searching for ads

Once we have selected the appropriate filters and launched the search for ads, it is possible to sort everything. Specifically, we can sort all search results by creation date, first/last seen date, likes, comments, reactions, etc.

For example, by sorting by last seen date, ads that were most recently viewed on Facebook will appear at the top of search results.

In our case, to find a hit ad, we can sort by number of shares. The ads that have them, so the ads that were viral for people who saw them on Facebook will appear in the first results (see image below).

Sorting ads Dropispy

There you go ! You are already a winner; now you know how to find a successful ad with Dropispy! Well done !

If you want to learn more about ad spy tools, we have written a full article for you on how to use an ad spy tool to effectively search for ads on the web (COCOON SPY ADS LINK).


Beyond knowing the usefulness of the ad spy tools that we studied at the first level, it was important to know how the ad spy tool of Dropispy works in the diversity of its relevant filters.

And much more, you now know that to effectively search for winning ads with the Dropispy tool, you must necessarily make use of its various filters. It therefore emerges that the power of the Dropispy ad spy tool comes from its filters.

Besides, do you know that there are free ad spy tools that are able to give you impressive results? We talk about it in this other article which discusses ad spy free (COCOON LINK).

Tell us in the comments your impressions of this piece of information!

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