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To excel in the field of Dropshipping and e-commerce, the quality-price ratio of the adspy app you use is of paramount importance.

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To this end, it is imperative to have the necessary information on each spy tool before adopting it in your Dropshipping activity.

To excel in the field of Dropshipping and e-commerce, the quality-price ratio of the adspy app you use is of paramount importance. To this end, it is imperative to have the necessary information on each spy tool before adopting it in your Dropshipping activity.

Thus, although AdSpy has long been the giant in the Dropshipping market, it remains expensive and does not favor all advertisers… On the other hand, recently, applications like Dropispy have emerged. These are less expensive and work like AdSpy.

This is why many users consider Dropispy to be the best adspy tool for advertising on the Web.

In this item, we will tell you how to use the AdSpy app, our spy tool review. We will then discuss how to use it to spy on Facebook ads, and finally discuss the AdSpy chrome extension.

How to use AdSpy and its app?

First, AdSpy is an app that spy on ads on the web to collect in its database potential ads that you will need to build your success in Dropshipping. AdSpy is thus your source of information in real time.

Then, the power of the spy tool is based on two essential factors, namely:

  • The volume of ads it provides you with each day,
  • The diversity of its filters and the system for sorting ads.
Filtres adspy

Now, let’s look at the essential aspects you need to benefit from AdSpy.

As we have just notified above, the strength of this AdSpy spy tool lies in the large number of its relevant filters and the large volume of ads it contains. And here, we must rely on this data to enjoy all its advantages.

Thus, to obtain an optimal result for our research on the AdSpy app, we will configure the tool appropriately to our expectations via its filters. So, when you want to proceed to find the winning Dropshipping products, AdSpy has a number of relevant filters, namely:

  • The Creation date filter allows you to contextualize ads. It allows you to find the best products of the past year and which are still relevant today.
  • The filter by “Platform” allows you to select ads that refer to specific CMS. It is often used to search for products to sell on sites such as: WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento. Next, add the call to action.
  • The Call to Action (CTA). From there, we can define the call to action present on the Facebook ad. Usually, ads dedicated to Dropshipping products use “Shop Now”. Also, there are other interesting calls to action such as “Get Offer” or “Apply Now”.
    When you are an e-merchant, it is the CTA type button that will direct your potential customers to your online store.
    Indeed, several Dropshippers proceed with a promotional strategy to create urgency in the prospect. For this, they do not hesitate to offer promotions of less than 50% and this type of CTA.
  • Finally, the sorting of the best ads is done after having completed all the filters of the adspy tool. Thus, you receive a multitude of Facebook ads. What is important here is your goal to collect the trending winning ads. This is why you need to sort these ads to show the winners first. For example, like the image below, after first indicating our search filters (1), we can sort the results by number of reactions (2): for example by number of shares. Those with the most will appear in the first search results. As a reminder, adverts shared a lot are often viral and necessarily winning.
Adspy filtre et trie

In addition, an article has been written especially to give you more information on the use of AdSpy. If you are interested, we encourage you to read the item on how to use adspy.

Besides, do you know that there is currently an adspy alternative that seriously rivals AdSpy? If you don’t know, now is the time to discover Dropispy which is also a Facebook ad spy tool. It has a diversity of relevant filters and an ad sorting system. It works on the same principle as AdSpy. We encourage you to push your curiosity to understand this further through our AdSpy vs Dropispy comparative study (You can find the article in the adspy tool category of the blog).

Dropispy filter and sorting

Now, what can we say about the AdSpy tool?

Our opinion on the AdSpy app

First, remember that it is a spy tool that has a dense and complete database regarding the collection and storage of Facebook, Instagram ads. When you know the importance of its ads volume, you can only benefit from this powerful adspy tool.

E-commerce ad volume Adspy

Secondly, AdSpy has a wide variety of quite relevant filters. Thanks to its filters, you have the possibility of spying on ads on social networks in order to collect the winners of Dropshipping products.

Filtres adspy

Whether you are already an old or new in Dropshipping, e-commerce, the AdSpy app is powerful to give you good results. However, although it has a very massive database and various relevant filters, AdSpy is not without shortcomings. With that, let’s address its negative aspects; this is necessary for your orientation.

Indeed, AdSpy does not have a Free Plan, so it is very expensive (149dollars/month). And because of its high cost, many cannot use it, especially beginners or those who do not have enough financial means in Dropshipping.

Price Adspy

Many of the advertisers would have subscribed to the AdSpy app if its price was affordable like that of Dropispy and others. This is what motivated the designer of the Dropispy spy tool: it was not only created with the same features as AdSpy, but also made available to Dropshippers and e-merchants at a very affordable price. 

On this point, to help many to be located in their choice, we have developed and made a comparative study based on the two adspy tools. We encourage you to find out about this in our AdSpy vs Dropispy (You can find the article in the adspy tool category of the blog) article.

Now, when we look at Dropispy pricing, we come to a surprising finding in terms of very low cost: it has a Free Plan and is only 29dollars/month. However, it has the same features as AdSpy.

In addition, Dropispy has a large volume of ads and diverse and relevant search filters.

Dropispy pricing per month

Moreover, you will be surprised to learn that Dropispy even has features (in this case filters) that AdSpy, considered the market giant, does not have.

For this purpose, the AdSpy app does not have a Shops Spy tool like Dropispy has to spy on the best shops of your rivals (See the image below). It is therefore clear that with the AdSpy tool, you will not be able to match the one who has for example subscribed to Dropispy and who uses it.

Shop spy Dropispy

In addition, as we are used to doing for your full satisfaction, we inform you that there is another article duly elaborated and written in a broader way on our opinion on AdSpy that we invite you to read.

Now that we know how to use the adspy tool, let’s also find out how to use it to spy on Facebook ads.

Spy on Facebook ads

If you want to spy on Facebook ads, you need to use relevant filters on AdSpy or Dropispy type software in your search for winning ads.

In fact, adspy apps for Facebook work based on the precise filters we just talked about. Thanks to these relevant filters, you can configure the tool so that you get results that meet your search criteria. (See the filters on the images below)

Filtres adspy

Similarly, the Dropispy tool is configured according to a certain number of relevant filters as follows:

adspy apps for Facebook

Then, after setting filters and finding interesting ads on Dropispy, we can view them in their native environment (in our case on Facebook). For this, we will see the ad posted on Facebook by the advertiser (see images below).

adspy apps for Facebook

And so, we can proceed to the study of customer comments or feedback on the products, by clicking on comments.

This strategy allows you, among other things, to confirm whether the product satisfies its customers.

adspy apps for Facebook

For example on Dropispy, to discover the native environment of the ad, you must click on the Facebook icon as the image below shows you.

adspy apps for Facebook

If you want to learn more about this aspect, we encourage you to read the adspy Facebook article which will provide you with everything about the AdSpy app.

Now let’s go deeper to find out whether AdSpy has an extension or not.

AdSpy’s extension chrome

Talking about the usefulness of extensions, we will say that there are some adspy apps that have their own extensions for chrome. Each extension has its own utility. For example, it allows Dropshippers and e-merchants to find the ads they have seen on their feed in a few clicks.

In a second plan, these adspy chrome extensions have been put in place for the own interest of these spyware. Indeed, the objective of a spy app is to collect as many ads as possible to provide a better service to its users.

For this, when a user in possession of this type of extension browses his Facebook news feed, the ads are collected via the extension and added to the spy apps. In this way, the database is fed and updated constantly. The community is the strength of a spy tool.

In addition, to learn more about the usefulness of adspy app extensions and to shed more light on the subject, we have dedicated an entire article to address the issue of adspy extensions for chrome. If you are interested, we invite you to read the adspy chrome extension.


Through this article, we have learned how to use AdSpy. Based on this, we can clearly see that the AdSpy app is well placed to give us good results in your web searches.

Next, although AdSpy is good at finding winning ads on Facebook and Instagram, it lacks some filters or features that Dropispy has. And much more, it is expensive (149dollars/month). And the irony is that it does not have a Free Plan; and he has only one plan.

However, Dropispy has a Free Plan, then only costs $29/month in Premium Plan and 249dollars/month in Business Plan.

Also, the AdSpy app does not have a chrome extension. In short, since you are already equipped in terms of information about these ad spy tools, you will now know which one to choose to have overwhelming success in your online activities.

If you were to rate us through this article, what can you write about us? Leave it to us in the comments!

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