How to use AdSpy for a winning Dropshipping – AdSpy Tutorial

How to use AdSpy for a winning Dropshipping – AdSpy Tutorial

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The world of Dropshipping and e-commerce nowadays requires that we master how to use spy tools in order to avoid going around in circles in our Dropshipping activities. Indeed, you might also want to know how to use AdSpy, but you are missing how to use it properly.

In addition, would you like to discover in depth the inner workings of the software? If so, then seize the opportunity of one of our detailed articles on the AdSpy app.

In this element, we clearly show you a tutorial that will equip you with how to use the app in your online business.

What is AdSpy ?


It is a spy app that lets you get access to trending and winning ads that exist on social media. Thanks to this information that it provides you, you will be able to put in place a good strategy for your advertising campaigns.

With AdSpy, you are likely to have success in Dropshipping easily due to two factors that the spy tool offers you:

  • The volume of ads it offers you each day,
  • The variety of filters and sorting ads.

Indeed, we will say that this app allows you to spy on ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc. in order to provide you with all their marketing strategies in real time.

Based on this data, you can therefore easily get ahead of your rivals and then stay the course for a winning Dropshipping. But how to use it?

The best way to use Adspy : how to use AdSpy ?

Filtres adspy

Filters are the most important aspects that determine the power of a spy app. Indeed, to take full advantage of AdSpy, you need to know how its filters work.

It must be said that the software works on the basis of very specific filters. The filters allow you to configure everything suitably to your desire to have ads that precisely meet the criteria that you would have defined beforehand.

In addition, to find winners e-commerce products, it has a number of relevant filters that we will quickly discuss.

Here, let’s see the most interesting AdSpy filters that will allow us to find interesting Dropshipping products. These are very relevant filters whose role is to allow the search for the best winning ads. It is :

  • The “Creation date” filter which allows you to contextualize the ads. The creation date filter allows you to find the best products from the past year that are still relevant today.
  • Filter by platform allows you to select ads that link to specific CMSs. It is often used to search for products to sell on sites like WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento. Then add the call to action.
  • The call to action (CTA). From now on, we can define the call to action present on the Facebook ad. Usually, ads dedicated to Dropshipping products use “Shop Now”. Also, there are other interesting calls to action like “Apply Now” or “Get Offer”.
    When you are in e-commerce, it is this CTA type button that will direct your prospects or customers to your electronic store.
    Indeed, several Dropshippers proceed by a promotional strategy to cause urgency in the prospect (potential customer). For this, they do not hesitate to offer promotions of -50% and this type of CTA.
  • The sorting of the best ads is done after completing all the filters of the spy tool. Thus, you receive a large number of Facebook ads. What matters here is your goal to collect the trending winning ads. This is why you need to sort through these ads to bring up the best ones first. For example, like the image below, after first specifying our search filters (1), we can sort the results by number of reactions (2): for example by number of shares. Those with the most will appear in the first search results. As a reminder, adverts shared a lot are often viral and necessarily winning.
Adspy filtre et trie

The main features of AdSpy

It works on a basis of filtering and sorting ads. Well, the desire of any Dropshipper or e-merchant is to be satisfied in their search for winning or potential products that are creating buzz on social media.

For this, AdSpy is designed to allow you to have access to information in real time by using its filters to be able to find a multitude of ads. Then, thanks to its filters, you can filter it to get the ones that suit your expectations.

So what are these filters it uses to collect data from the Internet? This is what we will see next.

The filters used for research on AdSpy

Now, let’s take a comprehensive look at the filters you will find on the spy software:

  • Filter by keyword;
  • Filter by Facebook’s page name;
  • Filter by domain name;
  • The search in the comments filter;
  • The search in the text of the landing page filter;
  • Filter by number of likes only;
  • Filter by type of creation (video, image);
  • Filter by target audience (age, gender, country);
  • Filter by type of e-commerce platform;
  • Filter by the language of the ads;
  • Filter by the call to action;
  • Filter by number of likes per day;
  • Filter by date of creation and view.

To access the sorting bar, you will need to click on the sorting bar at the bottom left of the tool to see them appear. What will benefit you the most is to lead you through the app itself so you know what it is all about.

Adspy filters

On the app, you will see that the sorting possibilities are numerous. Here are some examples of the sorting possibilities offered by the platform:

  • Thanks to the sorting of ads, you have the possibility of displaying the ads from the most recent to the oldest.
  • Or, you have the option of seeing the ads that have been running the longest on the networks (longest running). Often the ads that have been running for a long time are ads that allow the advertiser to be profitable. Indeed, why stop an ad that works?

How to find the best products with AdSpy ?

As said before, finding the best products remains the biggest question in Dropshipping. With this software, all you have to do is use the filters to define the criteria at the start of your searches that will allow you to refine them.

Adspy filters

Then you try to filter the ads with the filters listed above so that you find recent ads with a lot of engagement. These are often trending products that work for your competitors. So why not for you?

On the other hand, if you want to understand more about the features of this app with regards to finding the winners products on the web, we encourage you to read one of our articles based on the Adspy vs Dropispy comparative analysis (You can find the article in the adspy tool category of the blog).

Dropispy, the tool that does everything like adspy but cheaper


Dropispy is also a tool with features similar to those of AdSpy. It must be said that Dropispy rivals the latter. Like this app, how can we then find trend-winning products with Dropispy? And by what strategy does the tool manage to spy on the best Dropshipping shops? This is what our attention will focus on in the rest of this article.

How to find the best products with the Dropispy app ?

The most important elements of ad spyware are search filters. These allow you to be able to configure the tool according to your wishes to collect ads that precisely meet the previously defined criteria.

After this step, you click on “Filters” in the upper left corner of Dropispy to bring up the various search filters. Here is what it presents:

Dropispy search filter

It’s time to tell you that on Dropispy, you will find the same filters as on AdSpy. This means that the Dropispy app has nothing to envy from him. They work the same way. In addition, on Dropispy, you will find certain filters and sorting functions that there is not on this one.

For example, on Dropispy you will find a filter that allows you to define the number of comments, shares and reactions where on AdSpy we can only filter by likes. Similarly, and unlike the latter, on Dropispy there is the possibility of sorting by number of comments

Sorting ads Dropispy

The Dropispy’s Shops Spy tool : Listing the best shops

Unlike all other spy tools, Dropsipy is the only tool to have developed a shop spy tool, a tool to spy on its competitors’ online shops… Dropispy’s Shops Spy tool is one of its tools that allow you to go beyond certain tools such as AdSpy in terms of functionality.

Indeed, with the spy tool shops, the first step is to analyze and find the best Dropshipping shops with a good Alexa ranking of the global Alexa Rank. You can set the alexa rank using the gauge you see below:

Filter shop dropispy

Note: Alexa ranking is obtained by examining unique visitors, then the number of page views of a site during the last three months. And on this point is that the lower the result obtained from the ranking, the better the popularity of the website in question.

Then you can search for the best Dropshipping stores in the world by clicking on one of the stores you see in the image below:

Dropispy shop spy tool

By clicking on the store, you will have data on the engagement, their visitors, etc. and most importantly (as image below) all current and past listings of this shop:

Dropispy ads

This way, you can browse through the results obtained to find the product that suits you.

Dropispy vs Adspy Pricing

Moreover, what is interesting is that Dropispy free or paid is easy to use and very affordable in terms of value for money. So Dropispy pricing is very cheaper compared to many other spy tools. See what it is in this picture:

Dropispy pricing per month

Free or paid Dropispy is much coveted because it not only has a very intuitive and pleasant interface, but also a very low price suitable for everyone. This is an opportunity that everyone should seize for success in their Dropshipping or e-commerce activities.

Unlike Dropispy which is cheaper, as we have detailed in a comparative study AdSpy vs Dropispy (You can find the article in the adspy tool category of the blog), it costs 150 Dollars per month. Which lets you understand that Dropispy is better when it comes to value for money.


The AdSpy app has various features such as filters; which allows it to easily satisfy the research of winning products from Dropshippers and e-merchants.

Also, like AdSpy, Dropispy has the same features and provides the same services. In addition, the Dropispy app is much cheaper, unlike this one which is expensive and does not favor everyone.

In addition, Dropispy has quite an intuitive and nice interface. This makes it coveted by a large number of people around the world.

Was this item helpful to you? Did it satisfy you? In case you need more information about these tools, you can visit our Adspy vs Dropispy comparative study (You can find the article in the adspy tool category of the blog) to find out which of the two tools is best for you.

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