Best Adspy tool - The 2023 Official Guide

The adspy tools are the best tools that simplify the daily life of e-merchants on all levels. Their importance is no longer to be demonstrated, as they are essential to boost your activities and allow you to develop winning strategies.

Dropispy - AdSpy

However, with the number of existing adspy tool, it is important to know each application in detail in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Indeed, it is important to remember that ad spy tools are advertising spy tools on social networks that make the day-to-day life of e-merchants and dropshippers in particular easier by allowing them to quickly find winning products and keep an eye on the competition.

In this article, we will find out everything you need to know about the best adspy tools. We’ll cover each tool, from the best to the least powerful. Let’s get started!

Listing of the best winning product search tools dropshipping :

  1. Dropispy
  2. Minea
  3. Adspy
  4. Bigspy
  5. PowerAdspy
  6. Anstrex
  7. AdPlexity
  8. Drop point

summary of the best tools

Top 3 Best Adspy tools

In this article, we will review the best adspy tools for the Dropshipping market 2023….

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#1 Dropispy, the best facebook adspy tool

Dropispy is an indispensable and low cost advertising spy tool. It provides you with all the information and features you need to move forward as quickly as possible in any business sector. Dropispy is recognized as one of the adspy tools with complete functionality and access at low cost.


Are you surprised that Dropispy is ranked in the first position before AdSpy? To understand the reasons for this choice, read our accurate AdSpy vs Dropispy comparison (link at the bottom of the article).

This is your opportunity to discover the clash of the titans between the two best ad spy tools, Dropispy vs AdSpy.

Regarding functions, the software has an adspy tool and a Shops spy tool.

Dropispy’s adspy tool allows it to spy on ads on social networks, collect them and store them in its large database to make them accessible to any user. So, once you have access to the tool, you can find out everything you want to know about the competition.

Indeed, the tool allows you to easily find the “Winning Product”, access all the online ads and imitate the best ones to set a winning marketing strategy.

e-commerce ad volume dropispy

Moreover, with its Shops spy tool, Dropispy spies and collects information about all activities of successful and trendy stores. The tool also allows you to discover the winning products that are placed in these stores.

Furthermore, with the Alexa rank or soon the Global rank, you have access to a ranking of millions of stores in order of popularity. The software is simply efficient and offers you many other useful functions that you absolutely must discover !

Shop spy Dropispy

Concerning the price, Dropispy offers a pretty amazing price considering its many functionalities. The tool costs less than €30 per month. Knowing that the adspy tools available on the market cost on average €50 per month in basic option, we can say that Dropispy is the most affordable tool on the market in terms of features and accessibility.

All this is done with the goal of achieving the basic objective set by the developers of the tool, which is to create a complete and less expensive product search tool.

#2 Minea

The second product search tool on our list is Minea. It is one of the first product search tools that appeared on the market.

Best adspy tools Minea

Let’s start the Minea presentation with its features. Foremost, one of the features that makes Minea different from other product search tools is its versatility.

Indeed, instead of the majority of other product search tools that focus only on one social network, Minea spies on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest).

This makes it the adspy tool with the largest advertising database. It is a very suitable tool for dropshippers or e-merchants who already have experience on one social network and want to expand their audience on other social networks.

Since ads structures and layouts differ from one social network to another, Minea will allow you to have a 360 view on everything that is being done in terms of product promotion.

Like Dropispy, Minea also has the store spying feature. You can spy on all your competitors and get relevant data about their stores with Minea’s algorithms that ensure the data collection on all online stores.

On the other hand, Minea also offers a feature to analyze the product placements made by the different e-commerce brands on social networks.

As you know, we are in the influence marketing air and the majority of online brands use this strategy to get closer to their audience.

In fact, if you plan to do influencer marketing, you must inevitably have Minea in your toolbox. It is the only product research tool that allows you to spy on product placements, brands and even influencers.


So you can use Minea to find the right influencer to make your product placement profitable. Finally, Minea is just the all-in-one tool that is recommended for dropshippers or e-tailers who want to take their online sales business to the next level.

Minea’s basic subscription costs €49 per month. But for all the features the tool offers, this subscription is the best investment I recommend for your business development.

#3 AdSpy

As an e-merchant, you have probably already heard of AdSpy. This Facebook adspy tool is often quoted as the leader of ads spying tools on the Web. And it’s no coincidence that the tool carries and assumes this reputation.

With a huge database, the tool provides you with all the useful information about any online sales business.


The tool has effective functions and offers a wide range of search and filtering options that will help you refine your marketing strategies and find a Winner product quickly.

In terms of price, AdSpy is far from being the most affordable tool on the market. It costs $149 per month and is even considered the most expensive product search tool. Discover Adspy here.

Price Adspy

Fortunately we have in our list, other tools like Minea and Dropispy that have the same functions and even more, but at much more accessible prices.

#4 BigSpy

BigSpy is also a very powerful ad spying tool on social networks.

These spied ads are collected and updated on its advertising marketing platform. This adspy tool offers you the possibility to know what your competitors are doing, to know what works for them and to adapt it to your own needs.

Bigspy landing

In addition, the tool allows you to see daily trends and, most importantly, examine advertising performance. Let’s take a look at what you can do with BigSpy:

  • Collect ads on social networks.
  • Access all the details about the ads collected.
  • Ability to perform advanced searches of the database to discover which ads are performing well and to find interesting products to sell.
Bigspy ads information

As you can see, the tool offers you several possibilities. There are even possibilities to benefit from BigSpy’s functions for free. We also invite you to check out our Dropispy vs BigSpy comparison (link at the bottom of the article) to learn more about the adspy tool and find out in full detail how the tool will be useful to you.

#5 PowerAdspy

As an ad spying tool, PowerAdspy uses many sources to collect ads that it makes available to dropshippers or e-merchants


Like all best adspy tools, the tool provides you with everything you need to know about your competitors in order to adopt better strategies than theirs.

Although the tool has various features, it should be noted that it does not provide a large volume of ads. Let’s remember that the volume of ads is a very important factor to judge the power of an adspy tool.

If you want to know more about the tool, do not hesitate to consult this comparative guide of AdSpy and Poweradspy (link at the bottom of the article) where we have discussed in depth the features of each tool.

Similar ads poweradspy

As opposed to other product search tools, Poweradspy offers a free plan that allows you to test, without exception, all the tool’s features.

This is a great way to get a first contact with the tool in order to make your own conclusions.

#6 Anstrex

Anstrex is a particular product search tool that works a little differently than the other product search tools on our list.


In fact, the Anstrex product search tool does not spy on social networks like other product search tools do. The tool focuses much more on search engines, emails and other traditional advertising channels.

Anstrex’s algorithms spy on native ads in over 80 countries.

You can also build your sales pages directly from the tool using one of the available templates.

The basic subscription to access Anstrex costs $69.99 per month.

#7 AdPlexity

AdPlexity is also a product search tool that works like Anstrex and offers spying on search engines and other ads sources as a feature. The tool even spies on websites for adults.


Like other product search tools, the tool has a large database with several thousand ads. You are free to filter through these ads to find your next winning product.

As far as pricing is concerned, AdPlexity offers several single purchase options. The basic option costs $129 and gives you unlimited access to the tool with all updates.

#8 Drop point

Drop point adspy tool

We can’t make this summary of the Best adspy tool without mentioning Drop Point for several reasons. Considered as the cheapest adspy tool, it is an ad spy tool that can be used to carry out your online sales activity. Its price is a major advantage for beginners in the dropshipping business. However, although useful, the tool suffers from many shortcomings.


Indeed, Drop Point is very limited in terms of features compared to other adspy tools like Dropispy. To learn more about it, read our comparison Dropispy vs Drop Point (link at the bottom of the article).

Moreover, when it comes to ad volume and filtering and sorting options, this Facebook ad spy tool is much less functional than those mentioned above.


Adspy tools are the best invention in e-commerce by far. There is nothing more simple, practical and very useful to make your online business flourish. They are indispensable tools that many users keep on praising.

These tools save you time by helping you find your winning product quickly.

If you have to choose one of these best adspy tools, we recommend you to choose Dropispy for its ease of use and its very affordable price, or Minea for its versatility and its multiple features.

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