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If you’re offering products or services for sale on the Internet, and you’re not yet using Facebook as one of your primary traffic acquisition sources, you’re probably losing money.

Facebook is the giant of social networks, with its more than 2.9 billion active visitors per month. To take advantage of Facebook’s traffic, you’re going to have to either run ad campaigns or rely on organic reach (which is becoming less and less effective on the social network).

Indeed, ad campaigns are the best way to take advantage of Facebook traffic. And to be successful with ad campaigns, there’s nothing better than taking inspiration from ads that are already working.

This is what brings us to the product search tools that allow you to spy on the ads made on Facebook. In this article, we are going to talk about the best Facebook Ads Spy tools.

If you are a dropshipper or an e-merchant, these tools can also help you find your winning product.

The best Facebook ads spy tools:

  1. Dropispy
  2. Minea
  3. Adspy
  4. PowerAdspy
  5. BigSpy
  6. Social Ad Scout
  7. Drop point

What is a Facebook Ads Spy tool?

A Facebook Ads Spy tool is a product search tool that spies on advertisements that are made on Facebook. The purpose of spying is to collect as much information about these ads as possible and make it available to the tool’s users.

This allows them to choose the right products to sell on their online stores or to identify the best ads on the platform to replicate what they do well.

Indeed, the Ads spy tools allow their users to save time in product research by providing them with efficient information that they only have to analyze. So gone are the days of manually searching for products on Facebook.

Each Facebook Ads spy tool has its own features. So, you should choose a tool that will meet your business needs and help you find the winning products or get inspiration from the best online ads.

Top 7 best Facebook Ads Spy tools

Best Facebook Ads Spy tool: Dropispy


We start our list of the best Facebook product search tools with Dropispy which is by far the most comprehensive Facebook product search tool of all the other tools.

Let’s find out why Dropispy is the best Facebook Ads Spy Tool.


Dropispy offers two great features that can help dropshippers or e-tailers make the right decisions for their online stores.

This is the product search tool and the online store analysis tool.

Dropsipy’s product search tool or ads spy tool is nothing but the advertising library that is made available to the users of the tool. As we have seen above, ads spy tools are equipped with algorithms that collect ads on social networks.

facebook ads spy Dropispy

After collection, these ads are stored in the tool’s database or ad library that its users can tap into to find their winning products or creative ideas.

In fact, this Dropispy database is equipped with several search filters and parameters that make it even easier to find winning ads or products. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the filters and search parameters that are available on Dropispy:

  • Filter by keyword;
  • Filter by the social engagement of the ad (Likes, Shares, Comments…)
  • Filter by the date of creation of the ad;
  • Filter by the type of media used in the ad
  • Filter by call to action (CTA)
  • Filter by the platform used by the advertiser
  • Filter by country
  • Filter by language
  • Filter by page name
  • Filter by audience (Gender, age, country…)
Dropispy filter

With all these search filters, finding a winning product on Dropispy is just a matter of a few clicks. This is undoubtedly one of the best Facebook Ads Spy.

The second feature of Dropispy that is also very useful for all those who are into online sales is the store analytics tool.
The first rule for a successful e-commerce store is to be inspired by stores that already work.

And the best way to know if a store is already working is to spy on it. Dropispy lets you spy on your competitors and get qualitative metrics on them.

facebook ads spy Dropispy

This way, you can easily identify what they do well and replicate on your online store. For this tool as well, Dropispy offers filters that allow you to optimize your results based on your search intent.

You can, for example, filter by :

  • the domain name ;
  • the type of store ;
  • The overall rank of the store ;

Dropispy goes further by offering, for each store, relevant information such as :

  • The overall rank ;
  • Estimation of daily traffic ;
  • Facebook ads for the store ;
  • The theme used by the store ;
  • Shopify’s applications installed on the store.

Also, you are entitled to a Facebook ads spy extension that you can install on your Chrome browser to get even more information about your competitors’ stores.

Let’s now look at the price side to see what Dropispy is offering.


Pricing Facebook ads spy Dropispy

Price is also one of the factors why Dropispy is one of the best Facebook ads spy.

The tool offers, first, a free plan that allows you to test all its features. If you are a beginner in the world of online sales, you can already use this plan to take your first steps in the market and find your winning product.

But if you want to go further and get more information, you can opt for the Premium plan, which costs only $29 per month. This plan gives you access to all the features of the tool. Compared to other Facebook Ads Spy tool that we will see in this article, Dropispy offers a pretty low price for all the features it offers.

The Pros and Cons of Dropispy

  • Large databases
  • Advanced filters and search parameters
  • Free trial to test the tool
  • Store analysis tool
  • Relevant ad data
  • Spy only on Facebook


The second-best Facebook Ads spy tool that we will discuss in this article is Minea.


facebook ads spy Minea

Minea is also a product search tool that has entered the Ads spy tool market and has actually been very successful with its users.

It is our second-best Facebook ads spy tool, due to its multiple features. Minea is often described as the all-in-one product search tool.

Let’s discover its features together.


Minea is a tool that spies on several social networks (Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat…). In fact, this makes it the product search tool with the most varied database in ads.

The features of Minea are subdivided into 3 major parts:

  • The product search tool;
  • The store analysis tool;
  • The influencer marketing analysis tool.

Like Dropispy seen earlier, Minea spies on social networks and stores the collected ads in its ad library. Since the tool spies on many networks, you will find many databases.

facebook ads spy Minea

So we have a library of ads typically dedicated to Facebook, another for Pinterest, another for TikTok…

For your product search, you’ll also get filters that will allow you to optimize your searches based on what you want to have.

In terms of ad data, Minea provides all the information needed to make a good, winning product choice.

The second tool which is the shop analysis tool allows you to analyze your competitors and unearth the best strategies in the market. This tool is also equipped with efficient filters that allow you to search for your competitors based on the criteria you set yourself.

Shop Analysis Minea

You can also directly analyze a store by copying its link and searching it in the Minea database.

The last feature of Minea that is also very useful is the influencer marketing analysis tool. In fact, Minea goes a step further in spying on competitors and even offers you to spy on product placements made by your competitors.

You can easily identify the promotions they run and even the influencers they collaborate with.

Brands Analysis Minea

All this makes it one of the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools on the market.


Minea also has a free plan that allows you to test the tool. Note that this plan is quite limited and will not allow you to thoroughly test the tool’s capabilities. It is better to opt for one of the paid plans offered by the tool.

The Starter pack costs €49/month. If your goal is to spy on Facebook ads, this pack is more than enough.

There is also the Premium plan which gives you access to ads collected on TikTok, Pinterest, and the store analytics tool. But this package costs €99 per month. So you can see that it is a bit more expensive than Dropispy.

The Pros and Cons of Minea

  • Wide range of advertisement library
  • Advanced filters and search parameters
  • Store analysis tool
  • Relevant ad data
  • Influence marketing analysis tool
  • Very limited free plan
  • Premium plan, quite expensive



Adspy Facebook Ads spy

We can’t talk about Facebook product search tools without talking about Adspy which is one of the most well-known Facebook Ads spy tools on the market. It is one of the very first product search tools.

Let’s discover the features of Adspy.


Adspy is qualified as the Facebook Ads Spy tool with the largest database (+120 million ads). The tool only spies on Facebook and Instagram and collects all ads on them.

Adspy has very advanced filters that allow you to optimize your search according to your preferences. You can search by:

  • Keyword ;
  • Facebook Page Name ;
  • The domain name ;
  • Comment ;
  • The text of the landing page ;
  • Number of engagements (Likes, Shares, Comments…)
  • The type of call to action;
  • The platform used by the advertiser ;
  • Duration of the ad ;
  • Number of Likes per day ;
  • The date of publication and the date of viewing.

We can clearly see that in terms of filters, Adspy is well advanced with its very relevant filters.


Pricing Adsy

When it comes to price, Adspy is seen as one of the most expensive product search tools on the market. On Adspy, you have a single plan that costs $149 / month. So Adspy is 10 times more expensive than Dropispy.

Let’s clarify that this plan gives you access to unlimited use of the platform.

The Pros and Cons of AdSpy

  • Large database
  • Advanced filters and search parameters
  • Relevant ad data
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High price
  • Few channels spied on
  • No store analysis tool

Facebook Ads Spy : PowerAdspy

facebook ads spy Poweradspy

Another tool on our list is PowerAdspy. With its ad library of more than 10 million ads, PowerAdspy shows itself as one of the biggest spy tools of competitors. It is a Facebook ads spy tool that is also well known for its special features.


Unlike other product search tools we’ve seen so far, PowerAdspy offers only product search functionality. The tool provides its users with its database of ads collected from 8 different sources (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, Native, Reddit, Pinterest, Google…).

PowerAdspy is suitable for e-merchants who want to spy and see information about ads from multiple social networks. Filters and search parameters are also present on PowerAdspy for a better use of the tool.


Pricing poweradspy

In terms of pricing, PowerAdspy offers up to 8 different price plans. There is something for every need and every budget. Prices start from $49 per month up to $349 per month for the highest plan.

The main difference between the pricing plans is the number of spied channels you will have access to. For example, for the basic plan, you will only have access to ads collected on Facebook and Pinterest.

The Pros and Cons of PowerAdspy

  • Wide range of advertisement library
  • Several channels spied on
  • Store analysis tool
  • Relevant ad data
  • Chrome extension
  • Very limited free plan
  • Several price plans

Facebook Ads Spy : BigSpy

TikTok Ad spy : BigSpy

Like the previous product search tools discussed, BigSpy is also a product search tool widely used by e-tailers and dropshippers.

The ads spy tool spies on more than 9 networks on which ads are collected. In total, more than 500k ads are collected every day by the tool. Let’s see what it offers in terms of features.


BigSpy offers several features to its users. First, you are entitled to an ad library with several thousand ads. The collected ads are subdivided according to the social network.

If you are looking for ads collected on Facebook, you can find them directly. As far as filters are concerned, you can :

  • Filter by number of Likes, shares, and comments;
  • Filter by type of e-commerce platform ;
  • Filter by ad language ;
  • Filter by creative type (Video, Image, Carousel) ;
  • Filter by call to action ;
  • Filter by duration (running time) ;
  • Filter and Sort by Date (Last View, First View) ;
  • Sort by number of prints.

BigSpy also has a feature that allows you to find inspiration for ad creatives. In particular, this feature allows e-tailers to get inspiration from ads that are already working.


Pricing Bigspy

BigSpy mainly offers 3 price plans. From the free plan to the VIP plan for businesses. The free plan is very limited and will not allow you to test the tool effectively. It is better to take a basic package.

  • The Basic plan costs $9 per month and gives you access to ads collected on Facebook and Instagram. You can search for up to 20 products per day and upload up to 25 creatives.
  • The Pro package is the most popular and widely used package and costs $99 per month. It gives you access to ads collected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo.
  • The Enterprise VIP Package, specifically dedicated to businesses. It costs $3,600 per year and gives you access to all ads collected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo, AdMob, YouTube, TikTok, and Unity.

The Pros and Cons of BigSpy

  • Wide range of advertisement library
  • Several channels spied on
  • Over 500k ads collected per day
  • Relevant ad data
  • Very limited free plan
  • Basic package cheaper

Social Ad Scout

Facebook ads spy Social Ad Scout

Social Ad Scout is another social network ad spying tool and has intuitive features.


The platform allows you to view the full advertising strategy behind each ad you choose and contains an extensive database of ads from multiple social media outlets like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.

You can also filter them according to your preferences and search goals.

In addition, Social Ad Scout also offers an option to view “trending” ads. These ads represent ads that are going viral on social networks. That is, the ads that seem to be attracting a lot of new visitors and attention. The goal here is to be able to identify, from the ground up, their marketing strategies.


Social Ad Scout offers two pricing plans. The first one which is the premium plan is the one suitable for e-tailers or dropshippers. It costs $147 per month and gives you access to all the features of the tool mentioned above.

There is also the Agency Plan, which is for businesses only. This costs $127 per month per user. For more than 2 users, you will pay $97 per month.

The Pros and Cons of Social Ad Scout

  • Wide range of advertisement library
  • Several channels spied on
  • Advanced search filters
  • High price
  • No store spying

Drop Point

Drop Point

We can’t talk about Facebook product search tools without talking about Drop Point, which is considered as the savior of dropshippers. It is the cheapest ads spy tool and makes product search more accessible to beginners.


Drop Point offers 3 features.

The first feature allows you to find winning products on AliExpress. Drop Point performs a data collection on AliExpress to identify the best-selling products of the moment. So it’s a good way to see which products are selling better on the marketplace.

The same goes for the second feature that allows you to see ads collected on Facebook. You can filter by keyword, country, number of engagements, number of views and many other criteria.

The last feature is especially dedicated to winning ads that have lasted over time. For example, you can see all the ads that were successful in 2020. And since in e-commerce, the same winning products tend to come back every year, you can use this as inspiration to find your winning product.

It is true that the functionalities are rather limited, but this is related to the cost of the tool.


Drop Point Pricing

As for the price, Drop Point offers a free plan and a paid plan. The limitation of the free plan is that you will have the information late, which may not be favorable for you. Already, it’s a good way to get familiar with the tool and see if it fits your needs.

Anyway, the paid plan is cheap enough to allow anyone to have it. It costs only $5 per month. Drop Point qualifies as the cheapest Adspy tool on the market.

The Pros and Cons of Drop Point

  • Basic features
  • Several channels spied on
  • Relevant ad data
  • Low prices

Best Facebook Ads Spy tools : What to remember ?

In this article, we talked about the best Facebook ads spy tool that you can use to find winning products on Facebook or take inspiration from the best creatives.

Each of these tools has its own particularities. Now it’s up to you to identify the tool that best suits your business. But among all of them, the best spy tool for Facebook ads we recommend is Dropispy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best option for Facebook ads?

The video ad format is perhaps the most effective for Facebook PPC, regardless of your industry. Facebook offers its Creator Studio tool to help you create a video or photo slideshow that will make up a video. You can also create your own video and upload it to Facebook.

What are the best Facebook Ads spy tools?

  1. Dropispy
  2. Minea
  3. PowerAdspy
  4. Adspy
  5. Bigspy
  6. Social Ad Scout
  7. Drop point

How to spy on your competitors facebook ads ?

If you have read this article, you will no longer have difficulties on how to spy on your competitors facebook ads. All you need to do is to choose one of the ad spying tools discussed in this article.

The best Facebook ads spy tool we recommend is Dropispy.

Would you like to test Dropispy for free ?

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