How to use Dropispy for your product search?

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“How to properly use Dropispy for product research”,“How to hunt down a winning product on Dropispy in a short period of time?” are questions that most Dropshippers and e-retailers ask themselves.

Indeed, to find a product with a strong potential, several interesting strategies are to be put in place. We are going to see in detail one of the most common.

This strategy consists of finding Dropshipping products that are currently selling very well on the Internet. We will call these products: trendy products. And to find a trendy product, we will identify ads that promote the product in question. That is to say, ads that are recent and that have a maximum of interactions.

Now, let’s simulate the search for a winning product with Dropispy’s Adspy tool. At the time of writing this article, it is January 03, 2021.

How to use Dropispy: The best filters

To find the best products online with the Dropispy app, you must use its relevant filters and ad sorting. These are the main aspects that we will cover in this section.

Precise search window

By default, Dropispy’s Adspy tool sorts ads by “last seen date” or “last seen date”. In other words, ads that were last seen by Dropispy on Facebook.

Even though some of these ads may already meet our initial objective of finding ads that promote trending dropshipping products, we want to refine our search and identify a multitude of ads dedicated to dropshipping. To do this, we need to be able to search Dropispy’s database.

We can first click on the “Filters” button:

Filters Dropispy

A filter window appears on the screen, It allows us to carry out ultra-precise searches among several tens of millions of ads :

Dropispy Filters

Now that we have covered the precise search window, what about when ads were created ?

Ad creation date

First, to find trending products, we need to filter recent listings (Premium only 🔒). The “Post date creation” of the ad filter allows us to select a range, a time interval between two dates.

For example, we may be interested in ads that are less than 20 days old. Today is 03/01/2021, so we have the possibility to select a range from 16/12/2020 to today:

Post creation date

Now let’s talk about the « Call To Action » in the process of our search!

Call To Action (CTA)

Now we can define the CTA, the call to action present on the ad. Generally, ads dedicated to Dropshipping products use “Shop Now”. Other interesting calls to action are “Get Offer”, or “Apply Now”.

Indeed, many Dropshippers position themselves on a promotional strategy to generate urgency in the prospect (potential customer). For this, they do not hesitate to indicate promotions of -50% and this type of CTA.

Call to action

If the call to action helps dropshippers position themselves on a promotional strategy to generate urgency in the potential customer, what shall we say about the ad redirection platform? This is what will guide us to better understand the content management system (CMS).

The Ad redirection platform

Most dropshipping stores have been designed and developed with the Shopify CMS (content management system). For this example, we will target the most popular e-commerce platforms:

E-commerce platform

As in an app, everything is linked, we cannot have discussed the redirection platform without mentioning the type of media used for advertising.

The media type

We can only filter ads in video formats. These are widely used for Dropshipping ads. Indeed, this format is a hit and is very suitable for Facebook to capture the attention of users.

Media type

To move forward, we will discuss the target country and the native language used for the ad.

Target country and native language of the ad

For a more detailed search, we can filter by Countries (Premium only 🔒), i.e. the Countries that the advertiser targeted when they launched their ad on Facebook. We can also select the native language of the ad:

Countries and Language

After this level, we will say that it remains for us to begin the stage by which we have the possibility of sorting the search results of the ads according to our convenience or according to our previously defined research plans.

Search sorting

Finally, we can sort all search results by clicking on the drop-down list on the right. For example, we can sort everything by the number of likes, comments, shares, etc.

Sorting ads Dropispy

Now, we have targeted ads promoting trending Dropshipping products that are selling in the thousands right now. We can then wander through the search results to find our next Winner!

Note :

We could have done the opposite, i.e. filtering by number of reactions (number of likes, comments, likes, etc.) and sorting by date the post was created. In this example, all ads with more than 10,000 likes will be ordered by creation date: from the most recent ad to the oldest.

Dropispy sorting ads

To go further in your product search with Dropispy

Next, Dropispy displays many successful ads promoting trending products that are currently enjoying great success.

Dropispy reprise article

Ads analysis

You can click on the “details” button to review the ad and get lots of information about this ad’s targets, product details, or selling store.

Dropispy reprise artcile

Then you can click on the Facebook redirect link to see the ad in context:

Facebook redirection

To take it a step further, you can read our article on in-depth ad analysis, once you’ve got your hands on a winner.
After we have analyzed the ads, let’s try to understand how to add a product to your favorites.

Add a winning product to your favorites

Now that you understand how to use Dropispy to find a product, you can save the ads that interest you in your favorites, then find them in the “Folders” section of the tool:

favorites ads

When the product is added to the favorites, you must necessarily save your search. This is what we will try to see in the following.

Saving your search

You can save your usual searches/queries (set of several filters) and not waste time next time. To do this, simply click on the “Save as” button:

save filters


All in all, you now know how to use Dropispy to find a trendy Dropshipping product thanks to the very relevant filter and sorting system of the Dropispy application. In the next article, we will see how to analyze these products.

Now, you don’t have to worry about finding trendy products for better profitability in your business.

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