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As a Dropshipper or marketer, it is obvious that you are looking every day for ways and means to increase your sales while reducing the cost of the advertising tools you use.

adspy pricing

It is therefore to help you solve this problem definitively that we propose to you to discover through this article how to access for free or at a reduced cost the best ad spy tools.

Indeed, AdSpy, the leading ads spy tool, and Dropispy, the best adspy tool, are the most cost-effective ad spy tools with lots of features. These are effective tools that provide you with the most profitable Facebook ads, regardless of the niche in which you operate. In addition, they give you access to all possible information about the ads, namely: subject, keywords, demographic data, country or affiliate and especially the page from which the ad came.

If you plan to create a successful Facebook advertising campaign, you cannot do without these tools. These are tools that allow you to discover who your competitors are, the ads that allow them to break through and finally find a “winning product” in addition to trending ideas.

Here we will talk about Adspy pricing, Adspy discount possibilities and even tips to use Adspy for free.

Adspy Price & Number of views & Code

The price of the tool is a big negative point for many users. Indeed, the price of AdSpy is very high for 100k views per month.


AdSpy pricing


Number of views/month


Promo code of -50$/month

Price Adspy

This Adspy price is not advantageous for users whether they are professionals or beginners in the field. This is why we provide you with a special discount code: DROP50. This code offers you a $50 discount on the lifetime subscription.

If you are considering subscribing to an adspy tool, you might as well have an adspy price comparison of the best ad spy tools.

Dropispy against Adspy

In terms of price, Dropispy has an advantage over AdSpy. A brief comparison of the two tools (See the Adspy tool category of our blog) tells us a lot about the constant rivalry between these two social media ad spyware

Indeed, unlike AdSpy, Dropispy is offered at a much more affordable price.

Price Dropispy

As shown in the image above, Dropispy is priced at just 29.90 euros per month. This price is much cheaper than the AdSpy cost which is set at $149.

Adspy feature


Adspy is a social media ad spy tool that has a huge database. This database is updated daily with thousands of new listings. That said, the tool is useful for several reasons that we invite you to discover below.

Advanced search features

Whether you are an amateur or a marketer, Adspy is a tool suitable for your needs. Indeed, the tool has many advanced search features (filter and sort) such as: search by ID or affiliate networks; research by reactions; search by age group, gender, country, tag, ad creation date, category and many more.

The tool also allows you to have the right information on each ad offered by giving you access to the landing pages of each ad. Moreover, the demographic data provided by Adspy lets you know which ads have attracted the most reactions, who are interested in them, what are their ages, etc.

A large ads volume

Adspy ads volume

With its well-stocked database, AdSpy allows you to access a large volume of relevant ads for each search performed. Thus, it becomes easy for you to come across trending ads and find a Winner.

Moreover, since AdSpy provides so much data, it is not surprising that you can find on the platform, the most recent ads and also the oldest ones. So you can judge the relevance of an ad and know exactly how it performed over time.

Other useful features

The Adspy tool is one of the few adspy tools to offer the affiliate network filtering feature. Thanks to such a feature, the tool allows you to find many affiliate offers published on Facebook or Instagram. Note that Instagram ad volume is very low on AdSpy.

So, as an affiliate marketer, you can use them to improve your strategies, know what to promote and how to do it to dramatically improve sales.

Moreover, the tool saves you a lot of time with this feature that allows you to access only Facebook ads from the affiliate network.

Dropispy versus Adspy

AdSpy vs Dropispy

Dropispy is known as Adspy’s biggest rival and has several useful features that Adspy may not have.

In terms of research, the tool does not, for example, allow you to search in the comments or in the text of the landing page. On the other hand, it has unique filtering and sorting criteria such as: filtering by number of likes, comments and shares; filtering by number of reactions and sorting by number of comments. These are advanced search criteria that Adspy does not have.

dropispy Ads volume

Like AdSpy, Dropispy provides a large volume of ads collected on social networks and stores them on its platform. The volume of ads being a very crucial criterion for measuring the power of an ads spy tool, it is therefore obvious that Dropispy is a powerful ad spy tool, which allows you to find a product in a short time. winning while providing you with all the useful information about the ads.

In terms of the information provided on the ads, Dropispy only allows to display the best comments like Adspy. On the other hand, the tool provides several other information on the ads that Adspy does not provide, namely: evolution of the number of reactions over time, real-time engagement data; other ads from the same site; data and analysis of the advertiser’s website.

In addition to all these features, the Dropispy Shops Spy tool allows you to spy on all the shops of your most prominent competitors. Thus, you can know what they put online on their store in real time and perfectly adjust your marketing strategies by taking inspiration from theirs.

Adspy cost: Adspy discount code

It’s true that the price of AdSpy is a reason why some people refrain from subscribing to the tool. But what if you have the opportunity to access the tool at a much lower price, or even for free?


Discount code


30% OFF

Every dropshipper dreams of spying on their competitors at a lower cost and if possible for free. And that’s what an adspy coupon offers you.

In addition to all these advantages that using a adspy discount code offers, we can add the fact that you also have the possibility of using several adspy tools so that you can decide which one is right for you. So you lose nothing by trying an Adspy discount code to get ahead of the competition and easily achieve your goals by spending the minimum possible.

Get AdSpy for free?

How to have a free trial on AdSpy? This is a question that haunts most Dropshippers. We have provided a clear answer to this question in our AdSpy free trial article. Don’t waste your time anymore! Get to know the trick described in this article and take advantage of it today.

In addition, note that unlike AdSpy, Dropispy has a free plan. To learn about the features of the tool, you will therefore not need to go through a thousand paths. Thanks to the Free Plan, you can quickly get an idea of ​​what the tool is worth.

Watch out ! The Dropispy free plan does not provide access to all features and is therefore limited. For example, some filters are not accessible with the free plan.


Adspy tools are the key to your success in e-commerce. With each passing day, and given the growing competition, it is impossible to do without it. So, if you decide to use one, you might as well choose the best one.

It is true that the price of some tools like Adspy is not a cakewalk. This is the main reason why you need the discount code= DROP50.

If you hesitate to choose the ad spy tool that suits you, we invite you to discover our Dropispy vs Adspy comparison (See the Adspy tool category of our blog). You will find all the details on the functionalities of the two leading tools.

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