5+Best Amazon Apps For Shopify

Best Amazon Apps for Shopify

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In the throes of the digital era, e-commerce has garnered immense significance, revolutionizing buying and selling practices. With e-commerce platforms like Shopify, you can now effortlessly create your online shop. The ease of use and personalization that Shopify offers have contributed to its growing popularity among entrepreneurs. 

However, to boost your sales and optimize your shop’s management, integrating the best support applications is indispensable. In this article, we delve into the “best Amazon application for Shopify”, aiming to enhance your selling experience and help you manage your business effectively.

Why Integrate Amazon into Your Shopify Store?

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces globally, boasting a massive customer base. Before delving into the hunt for the best application, it’s crucial to understand why integrating Amazon into Shopify is a beneficial strategy. 

The integration of these platforms can broaden your reach, increase your sales, and enhance the efficiency of managing your online store.

What Makes a Good Amazon Application for Shopify?

Before we start our ranking, it’s important to understand what constitutes a good Amazon app for Shopify. A quality app should :

  • Be easy to use
  • Offer features that facilitate managing your products on both Amazon and Shopify
  • Ensure smooth synchronization between the two platforms.

What are the Best Amazon Applications for Shopify?

Codisto LINQ

Best Amazon Apps for Shopify Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ is an app that stands out for its ease of use and powerful features. It allows you to list your products on Amazon directly from your Shopify interface and synchronize your inventory in real time.

Pros and Cons of Codisto LINQ

  • Ease of use
  • Real-time synchronization
  • A bit expensive for small businesses
  • Customer support sometimes slow

Codisto LINQ offers a 14-day free trial period, after which prices start at $29/month for small businesses.

ByteStand : Best Amazon Apps for Shopify

ByteStand Best Amazon Apps for Shopify

ByteStand is an innovative app that imports your Amazon product listings into your Shopify store. It also facilitates inventory synchronization between the two platforms.

Pros and Cons of ByteStand

  • Easy import of product listings
  • Efficient inventory synchronization
  • Requires some familiarization
  • Slightly high cost

ByteStand offers a 7-day free trial period. After this period, the base plan starts at $20/month.

Amazon Channel

Amazon Channel

Amazon Channel is Amazon’s official application for Shopify. It provides direct integration and ease of use, although it may lack some advanced features.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Channel

  • Direct integration with Shopify
  • Ease of use
  • Lacks some advanced features
  • Customer support can be slow

Amazon Channel is a free app, but Amazon charges a commission on each sale made through their platform, typically starting at 15% of the product’s selling price.

Best Amazon Apps for Shopify : Spreadr App

Spreadr App

Spreadr App is an app that facilitates dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify. It also provides interesting product customization features.

Pros and Cons of Spreadr App

  • Suitable for dropshipping
  • Product customization features
  • Slightly high cost
  • May require some familiarization

Spreadr App has a 7-day free trial, then the basic plan starts at $5/month.



SellerApp is a comprehensive app that offers powerful data analysis tools, helping you optimize your sales on Amazon. However, it can be a bit complex to use for beginners.

Pros and Cons of Codisto LINQ

  • Powerful data analysis tools
  • Optimizes sales on Amazon
  • Can be complex for beginners
  • Slightly high cost

SellerApp offers a variety of plans starting at $49.99/month after a 7-day free trial period.

ApplicationsEase of UseFeaturesSupportPriceOverall Score
Codisto LINQ4.54.5444.2
Amazon Channel53.53.554.2
Spreadr App44.543.54.0


Navigating among the many apps that help integrate Amazon and Shopify can be daunting. However, with the right tool, you can simplify the process and effectively increase your sales reach. 

The apps featured in this article, namely Codisto LINQ, ByteStand, Amazon Channel, Spreadr App, and SellerApp, all offer unique features that can aid your business’s growth. 

The choice of the app that best suits you will depend on your specific needs in terms of cost, ease of use, and features.


What are the best Amazon applications for Shopify?

Here is a list of the best Amazon applications for Shopify:

  • Codisto LINQ
  • ByteStand
  • Amazon Channel
  • Spreadr App
  • SellerApp

What application offers the best value for money?

Although it depends on your specific needs, Spreadr App offers a range of features for a relatively low price.

Do the applications offer free trial periods?

Yes, all the applications mentioned in this article offer free trial periods, allowing you to test them out before committing.

Can I use these applications if I am a beginner in e-commerce?

Absolutely. If you are a beginner, Amazon Channel could be a great starting point due to its ease of use.

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