10+ Best High Ticket Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2024

10 best high ticket dropshipping products to sell in 2023

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If you still doubt, I can confirm that it is indeed possible to sell high ticket dropshipping products. And in this case, we are not talking about products that cost tens of thousands of euros. But here, we are talking about products with high added value. This is the case, for example, of high ticket digital products such as high-ticket online training.

The advantage of selling high ticket products, in other words high ticket dropshipping products, is that you can buy products at a fairly low price and resell them for a very high price, just because of their high potential.

If you want to make big profit margins on your dropshipping store, it might be worth seeing the best dropshipping products in the luxury goods niche. Remember that these are very rare products and that it took a lot of research before finding them.

Discover in this article the 10 best high ticket dropshipping products

High Ticket Product 1: Refillable Perfume Atomizer

The first high ticket niche winning product unearthed on Dropispy is a vaporizer ready to be refilled directly from any standard perfume bottle. It is practical and elegant, its 5 ml motorized bottle contains up to 65 sprays of your favorite perfume.

It is perfect for storing your perfume, cologne, aftershave, makeup remover, essential oils, etc.

This product is definitely one of the luxury products to test in dropshipping. As a marketing argument, highlight the fact that this product is ideal for travel, vacation, camping, business trips and everyday life.

This product can therefore become very profitable for you if you use the right strategies, especially since it costs less than $2 on AliExpress.

High Ticket Dropshipping Product 2: Rotating Extension Faucet

This product is a faucet that can be rotated 1080 degrees and can be easily folded or folded at will so that the flow of water can reach every corner of the sink for easy cleaning.

It provides greater convenience when cleaning the face, hair and teeth, especially for children, the elderly and women with long hair.

It is one of the best high ticket products to sell. So you do not have to think anymore if you are looking for the best luxury products to sell in dropshipping.

It costs an average of $3 on AliExpress.

High Ticket Product 3: Cuban Chain

The majority of people who love bling and luxury accessories would want to get this Cuban link chain. It exists in several shapes, chains and bracelets.

Indeed, it is a product that could really interest customers since it makes the wearer stylish. At the same time, with this chain, you will look fashionable and different in the crowd.

With a good presentation of this product on your online store, it can sell very well and bring you profits. For example, you can collaborate with influencers who will promote the product well.

High Ticket Dropshipping Product 4: Chic Shoulder Bag

Found on Dropispy, our research tool for winning dropshipping products, this product has great potential for online sales. Indeed, it is a trendy and practical shoulder bag at the same time. This is one of the high ticket product ideas not to be overlooked, especially for festive periods.

It can be worn for outings or trips. You can put some clothes, your phone or other things that can be useful for an outing.

It is a product with great potential, if you present it well in your luxury goods dropshipping store.

High Ticket Product 5: High-grade Cowhide Shoes

The 5th product on our list is this air-cushioned cowhide leather casual shoe for men.

Its upper surface is made of top-layer high-quality cowhide leather, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and heat-resistant. With elastic laces, these shoes are more convenient to put on and take off. It’s one of the best high ticket dropshipping products to sell.

The advantage of this product is that the user is well protected even when working on a floor where there is a risk of perforation. By using these marketing arguments, your customers will have no choice but to buy this product.

High Ticket Dropshipping Product 6: Four Hearts Clover Necklace

This product is a necklace inspired by “four leaf” clovers, each leaf has a different meaning. The four leaves represent faith, love, hope and luck.

The four-hearted clover symbolizes deep love and affection for someone. This beautiful pendant necklace is just a better way to say “I LOVE YOU”. A great gift for your loved ones (wife, girlfriend, families) and yourself.

The necklace can also be worn for Holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Prom, Anniversaries, Graduation or any other private special occasion.

Do not hesitate to check if you will find a better price on the different marketplaces in order to sell it fairly expensive on your dropshipping store. These types of products are high ticket ecommerce products that are quite sought after.

High Ticket Product 7: Leather Car Key Holder

Generally, many people do not know where to put their car or house keys. This product is therefore a solution to this problem. The product costs around $10 on AliExpress.

It allows you to keep your keys organized and prevent items in your pocket or purse from being scratched by the keys. The product is very elegant, and its presentation can quickly capture the attention of the buyer.

Do not forget to notify to your dropshipping store that it is easy and comfortable to wear when traveling.

High Ticket Dropshipping Product 8: LED Aromatherapy Humidifier

This Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, LED Air Purifier, Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier is a winning product unearthed on Dropispy.

The product helps diffuse the essential oil particles into the air and fills the room with a natural fragrance. This promotes your well-being with the aromas of essential oils diffused, which cleanse and purify the room.

It is clear that this product could interest customers if you use the right marketing arguments. It costs around $30 on AliExpress.

High Ticket Product 9: Double Sided Shower Head

This double-sided pressurized shower head with a compartment for shampoo is an innovation in the products of the luxury niche. It reduces shower water consumption by up to 50%.

The advantage of this product is that there is no need to call a plumber, the installation is done in minutes with a single fitting to tighten by hand. Moreover, it adapts to any standard shower hose.

It is a product with great potential that can sell well in e-commerce. It sells for around $10 on AliExpress.

High Ticket Dropshipping Product 10: Viking Bracelet

The last product on our list of high ticket dropshipping products for sale in dropshipping is the Viking Bracelet. It provides strength and protection, rage and rebirth to the wearer.

You are sure to look great with this stunning Midgard Serpent on your wrist. This product is also in our list of the best high ticket dropshipping products.

The product costs an average of $15 on AliExpress. You can potentially resell it for $30 and offer free shipping.

Best high ticket dropshipping products : Conclusion

In this article, we have covered the top 10 high ticket dropshipping products that you absolutely must test on your dropshipping store in 2024. All the high ticket ecommerce products in this list were found through our Dropispy winning product research tool that you can use to find your winning product too. dropshipping.

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