7+Essential Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

tools to spy on your competitors

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As a web entrepreneur, keeping an eye on your competitors is essential. By doing so, you’ll be able to understand their strategy, discover winning new products, and adapt your own approach accordingly.

In this context, there are various tools available to help you spy on your competitors. They vary in terms of functionality and cost, but all have the same objective: to provide you with the information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

This article presents seven tools to spy on your competitors, covering their main features, advantages and disadvantages. This will help you choose the tool that best suits your needs.

Why use tools to spy on your competitors?

In the e-commerce and dropshipping arena, understanding your competitors’ moves is a decisive advantage. Why? Because it gives you a head start and enables you to anticipate their moves. 

These tools aren’t just for “spying”. They’re designed to help you understand the market, learn from your competitors’ successes and mistakes, and find ways to differentiate your brand. If you’re wondering how to spy on your competitors effectively, these tools are the answer.

7 Tools to spy on your competitors



Dropispy is unquestionably a superior tool to spy on your competitors in the world of e-commerce and dropshipping. Renowned for its completeness, Dropispy is the undisputed choice for product search on Facebook.

Product search

Dropispy features a high-performance Ads Spy Tool that collects and stores ads on social networks. It is equipped with multiple filters and parameters for a targeted search for winning products, ranging from filters by keyword, social engagement, media type, right down to the audience targeted by the ad.

Store analysis

For those who want to understand what makes certain online stores so successful, Dropispy offers a store analysis tool. It offers the possibility of spying on your competitors and obtaining quality metric data. Specific filters are also available for this functionality.

Dropispy offers a free plan for those new to online sales. For access to more features, the Premium plan is offered at just $29 per month.

The choice is clear if you want to spy on your competitors, Dropispy proves to be the best tool. With its advanced features and highly competitive pricing, it clearly stands out from the competition. 

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social media spy Minea

Minea stands out as an essential tool for spying on your competitors, especially when it comes to spying on advertisements on social networks. This makes Minea a major player in finding your winning e-commerce or dropshipping product.

Comprehensive database

Minea offers a vast library of advertisements, with thousands added daily. Thanks to this, finding winning products is greatly facilitated.

Search options

Searching is made quick and easy with a wide range of search criteria. Whether by keyword, domain name, online date, country, language or even number of Likes and shares, Minea offers unrivalled search flexibility.

Minea also offers packages at different prices, including a free plan to test the tool’s functionality. Paid plans offer more capabilities and access to more features.

So, if you’re looking to spy on your competitors for free, Minea is the tool for you. It offers you relevant ad data, store analysis tools and even influencer marketing analysis.

Tools to Spy on your Competitors - Semrush

One of the leading tools for spying on your SEO competitors is Semrush. It provides an in-depth analysis of their practices to help you refine your own strategies.

  • Keyword monitoring: Understand which keywords your competitors are using to rank on Google.
  • Backlinks view: An overview of your competitors’ backlinks to better understand their netlinking strategy.
  • Content strategy analysis: A detailed view of how your competitors structure their content.

Semrush offers a free plan with limited functionality. For full access, rates start at $99.95 per month.


Ahrefs tools to spy on your competitors

Ahrefs is also an SEO spy tool that lets you keep an eye on your competitors’ keyword rankings. The tool lets you analyze keywords, backlinks and even the pages most visited by your competitors. 

Ahrefs key features :

  • Traffic-generating keywords: Ahrefs shows you which keywords attract the most visitors for your competitors.
  • Backlink overview: Like Semrush, Ahrefs offers a detailed view of your competitors’ backlinks.
  • Most-visited pages analysis: This feature lets you see which of your competitors’ pages are the most popular.

Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7. Thereafter, rates start at $99 per month.


SimilarWeb tools to spy on your competitors

For free traffic spying on competitors, SimilarWeb is an excellent choice. It provides valuable information on the origin and behavior of competitor traffic.

  • Traffic origin: SimilarWeb details where your competitors’ visitors come from.
  • Channel analysis: It shows which channels are most effective in generating visits.
  • Visit time measurement: With SimilarWeb, you can see how long visitors spend on your competitors’ sites.

SimilarWeb offers a free version with limited functionality. For a more comprehensive version, rates start at $199 per month.

SpyFu - Tools to Spy on your Competitors

tools to spy on your competitors SpyFu

SpyFu is the answer to the “how to spy on your competitors” question when it comes to PPC and SEO. It offers a detailed view of your competitors’ keywords and ad spend.

  • Targeted keywords: SpyFu shows which keywords your competitors are targeting in their advertising campaigns.
  • Advertising spend: With SpyFu, you can get an idea of your competitors’ advertising spend.
  • Traffic-generating keywords: This feature reveals which keywords generate the most traffic for your competitors

SpyFu doesn’t offer a free package, but prices start at $33 per month for an annual subscription.


Adspy Facebook Ads spy

AdSpy is one of the tools for spying on your competitors dedicated specifically to monitoring Facebook ads. It’s the right tool for you if you’re looking to spy on competitors’ Facebook ads.

  • Facebook ad monitoring: AdSpy lets you see which Facebook ads your competitors are running, including text variants and images.
  • Ad performance analysis: AdSpy collects data on how competitors’ ads are performing, including interactions and engagements.
  • Competitive intelligence: It lets you track several competitors at the same time for comparative analysis.

AdSpy does not offer a free package. However, it does offer a trial period of a few days. Subscriptions start at $149 per month.

Best Tools to Spy on your Competitors - Conclusion

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and dropshipping, information is your greatest asset. Understanding your competitors means understanding the market, anticipating trends and staying competitive. And that’s where the tools for spying on your competitors come in.

Spying on your competitors isn’t a sneaky maneuver, it’s an intelligent business strategy. Thanks to these tools, you can stay one step ahead, keep an eye on the market horizon, and make better decisions for your business.

Please note that we have presented just a few of the many tools available. There are a multitude of other tools, touching on much more specific areas of competitor spying. Choosing the right tool depends on your specific needs, your budget and your overall strategy. Take the time to test, compare and search for the tool that best suits your ambitions and objectives.


What are the best tools for spying on your competitors?

The best tools for spying on your competitors are : 

  • Dropispy
  • Minea
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • SimilarWeb
  • AdSpy

How to spy on your competitors' ads?

Most ad spy tools, such as Minea or Dropispy, allow you to spy on your competitors’ ads. They collect ads served on various social media platforms and store them in a searchable database. 

You can search for these ads using various filters such as keyword, country, language, etc.

Are there tools available for free competitor spying?

Yes, several tools offer free plans or free trials that allow you to spy on your competitors at no cost. However, they may restrict access to certain functions.

Is it possible to spy on competitors' Facebook ads?

Yes, most ad spy tools are specifically designed to spy on competitors’ Facebook ads. They can collect information such as ad content, user engagement, target audience, etc.

Which tool offers the best search and filtering parameters?

That depends on the specific needs of each user. However, Minea is known for offering advanced search options, with a wide variety of filters to easily find winning products.

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