How to Make Money Dropshipping on Amazon?

how to make money dropshipping on amazon

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The rise of online commerce has revolutionized the idea of being your own boss. Among the various options available, dropshipping on Amazon is very much in vogue. How to make money dropshipping on Amazon, you ask? Look no further! This article will guide you through each step, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Demystifying Dropshipping

how to dropship on Amazon with Shopify

How to make money dropshipping on Amazon? To understand this, let’s start by defining dropshipping. It’s a business model where you, the seller, don’t hold the products in stock. Instead, you work with a supplier who sends the products directly to your customers. This method offers a number of advantages, including

  • Lower inventory costs
  • Easier management of your business
  • No huge investment needed to get started

A real springboard for those looking to get into e-commerce without a large initial investment!

Create an Amazon seller account

dropship on amazon without money Create your Amazon Store

How to make money dropshipping on Amazon? It all starts with creating a seller account. Amazon offers two options:

  • Individual” account: ideal if you plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month.
  • Professional” account: for higher sales volumes

Once you’ve created your account, familiarize yourself with the dashboard and the tools at your disposal.

Which account should I choose?

If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure how many products you’ll be selling, it may be wiser to start with an individual account.

However, as your business grows, it may be advantageous to switch to a professional account.

It offers more advantages such as the ability to earn the buy box, access to more detailed reports, and the ability to sell in restricted categories.

Select products to sell

how to dropship on Shopify with no money

Once you have a seller account, the next step in making money with dropshipping on Amazon is to choose products to sell.

It’s essential to choose products that are in demand, but have moderate competition. To do this, you can use tools such as Google Trends or Google’s Keyword Planner.

Identify high-potential products using tools


You can also use spy tools like Dropispy to identify high-potential products by spying on dropshippers’ Facebook ads.

Thanks to the various filters offered by Dropispy, you can refine your searches and find winning products and high-potential niches. This can give you an edge over your competitors and help you boost sales and profits.

Also consider starting with a smaller range of products and increasing your inventory as you gain confidence and experience.

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Choosing a reliable supplier

dropship on amazon without money Find a Free Supplier

Once you’ve identified your products to sell, the next step in making money with dropshipping on Amazon is to find reliable suppliers.

Choosing the right supplier is key to success in dropshipping. Trusted suppliers are essential to guarantee:

  • Quality products
  • Reliable delivery
  • Transparent communication

To find these rare gems, you can explore supplier directories such as SaleHoo and Alibaba.

In fact, we’ve prepared a guide on how to dropship on Amazon from Alibaba, so check it out as soon as possible to find out more.

The supplier selection process

Here’s a step-by-step approach to choosing your supplier:

  • Research: Explore various directories and lists of suppliers, noting those that match your niche.
  • Contact: Send a request for information to these suppliers. Assess their response time and professionalism.
  • Compare: Compare costs, delivery times, return conditions, etc.
  • Decide: After weighing up all these factors, choose the supplier that best meets your needs.

Remember, a good supplier-seller relationship can make a big difference to your dropshipping success.

Optimizing your Amazon listing


Getting your products visible on Amazon is crucial to increasing your sales. To do this, you need to optimize your SEO. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this:

  • Use relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions and backend tags.
  • Don’t forget to include long-tail keywords (phrases of three words or more). They are often less competitive, which can help your products stand out.

Good SEO can improve the visibility of your products and increase your chances of sales.

Provide excellent customer service

how to make money dropshipping on amazon

The quality of customer service can be a determining factor in the success or failure of a business. Here are some strategies for providing excellent customer service:

  • Answer promptly: Be sure to answer all customer questions promptly and professionally.
  • Encourage reviews: Positive reviews can improve the visibility of your products and encourage more customers to buy from you. You can encourage reviews by offering an exceptional customer experience.

With excellent customer service, you can win customer loyalty and increase your sales.

Understanding the risks and managing the challenges of dropshipping

While dropshipping offers an excellent opportunity to make money, it also comes with its own challenges and risks. That’s why, to really succeed and make money with dropshipping on Amazon, it’s crucial to understand these challenges and know how to manage them.

The risks of dropshipping

how to make money dropshipping on amazon

First of all, there are certain risks you need to keep in mind:

  • Reduced profit margins: In dropshipping, margins are often lower than in wholesale or manufacturing, because you don’t manage the products directly.
  • Fierce competition: Given the ease of access to dropshipping, many sellers may be selling the same products as you, which can reduce your chances of making sales.
  • Dependence on suppliers: If a supplier runs out of stock or has delivery problems, this could affect your business and your reputation.

Managing returns and refunds

Another major challenge in dropshipping is managing returns and refunds. Since you don’t manage the products directly, this can be a bit tricky.

It’s crucial to maintain good communication with your suppliers and understand their returns policy.

Don’t forget that every business has its challenges. Success depends on your ability to manage these challenges and overcome them.

If you’d like to know the budget required to start dropshipping on Amazon, check out our article “How much does it cost to start dropshipping on Amazon?“.

Driving traffic to your dropshipping products on Amazon

Achieving success and generating substantial income with dropshipping on Amazon requires an effective strategy for driving traffic to your products. Here are some of the most powerful techniques for doing just that.


how to make money dropshipping on amazon

Blogging is a powerful content marketing strategy for attracting traffic. By writing relevant, high-quality blog posts, you can attract an organic audience interested in your products.

How do you do it?

Create a blog where you can share content that is useful and relevant to your audience. For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, you could write blog posts on “10 best kitchen utensils for home cooks”, “How to choose the right set of kitchen knives”, etc.

Why does it work?

It’s effective because it attracts people who are actively looking for this information. What’s more, when you include affiliate links or redirects to your products on Amazon in your articles, it makes it easier for readers to buy.

Stand out on YouTube

Stand out on YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s largest video-sharing platforms and a great way to generate traffic.

How do you do it?

Create a YouTube channel where you can share product reviews, how-to tutorials, unboxing videos and more. For example, if you sell beauty products, you can make make-up tutorials using your products.

Why does this work?

Videos are engaging and can help potential customers see the product in action, which can encourage them to buy.

Partnership with influencers

how to make money dropshipping on amazon

Collaborating with influencers in your niche is another effective strategy.

How can you do it?

Contact influencers in your niche and propose a collaboration. They can promote your products on their social networks or do product reviews on their platforms.

Why does it work?

Influencers already have an established audience who trust them. Their recommendation of your product can generate traffic and sales.

Social networks, your best ally

Social networks how to make money dropshipping on amazon

Social networks are another excellent way of generating traffic.

How do you do it?

Create profiles on several social networking platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Regularly post engaging content that showcases your products and engages your audience. Don’t forget to include links to your Amazon products in your posts.

Why does it work?

Social networks are an interactive platform where you can engage directly with your audience. This allows you to create a relationship with them, which can lead to more sales.

Paid advertising: invest to win

Paid advertising how to make money dropshipping on amazon

Paid advertising is another effective way of attracting traffic to your products.

How can you do it?

Use platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Amazon Ads to advertise your products. It’s essential to target your ads to reach the people most likely to be interested in your products.

Why does it work?

Paid advertising allows you to reach a large and diverse audience that you might not otherwise have reached.


Understanding how to make money with dropshipping on Amazon is no easy task, but it is possible. This article has detailed the crucial steps to setting up a successful dropshipping business: creating a seller account, selecting high-potential products with tools like Dropispy, finding reliable suppliers, managing the challenges and risks of dropshipping, and finally, the key to any business, excellent customer service.

Success doesn’t come instantly, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve. Despite the obstacles, with hard work, patience and a willingness to learn, you can realize your dream of making money with dropshipping on Amazon.

FAQ - How to make money dropshipping on amazon

Does Amazon allow dropshipping?

Yes, Amazon does allow dropshipping, but with some strict rules to follow.

What is a good dropshippable product?

A good dropshippable product is one that is in demand but has moderate competition.

What are the risks of dropshipping?

The risks of dropshipping include low profit margins, fierce competition and dependence on suppliers.

How can I improve customer service in dropshipping?

You can improve customer service by responding quickly to customer queries and encouraging positive reviews.

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