Shopify or Wix for Small Business: Which Platform to Choose for your E-commerce?

shopify or wix for small business

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Often small business owners are faced with the dilemma of choosing between Shopify and its alternative Wix to launch their online store. Both platforms offer great features, but which one is better for your business?

This article aims to guide you in your decision by comparing the features, user experience, pricing, and integration capabilities of Shopify and Wix.

What key features distinguish Shopify and Wix for small business?

Customization and design are important to create an attractive online store.

Shopify offers a wide selection of professional themes, while Wix offers more varied templates and an intuitive visual editor. Both platforms make it easy to manage product catalogs and inventory.

However, Shopify stands out by offering more advanced options for payments and shipping, including multi-currency support and integrations with international carriers.

Shopify or Wix for small business: which is easier to use?

In terms of user experience, Wix is known for its simplicity thanks to its visual drag-and-drop editor. It is possible to create a store quickly without special technical skills.

Shopify is also easy to get started, but requires a little more time to get familiar with the customization options and advanced e-commerce features.

Both platforms offer help resources and responsive customer support to assist users.

How do Shopify and Wix small business pricing and subscription plans fit your budget?

Wix offers more affordable subscription plans for small businesses, with rates starting at $17 per month. Shopify plans start at $29 per month, but offer more native e-commerce features.

Both platforms charge commissions on sales, but these can be reduced by opting for higher subscription plans. So it’s important to compare costs based on the features your business needs.

Between Shopify and Wix for small business, which one offers the best integrations to grow your business?

Shopify excels at integrations and apps, with an App Store offering over 6,000 apps to expand your store’s functionality.

Wix also has an app marketplace, but its offerings are less extensive.

Both platforms allow you to integrate marketing and order management tools to help grow your business. However, Shopify generally offers more expansion options for growing businesses.

How to optimize SEO and online visibility with Shopify or Wix for small business?

SEO is crucial to ensure your online store’s visibility. Both Shopify and Wix offer built-in SEO features, such as editing meta tags, optimizing URLs and creating sitemaps.

However, Shopify has the advantage in SEO because of its more search engine friendly structure.

Both platforms offer tools to improve the visibility of your online store, such as social media integration, email marketing and advertising campaigns.


In summary, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each platform based on the specific needs of small businesses:


Ideal for businesses looking for advanced e-commerce features, greater flexibility in integration and improved SEO.

It is suitable for growing businesses and those who want to focus primarily on e-commerce.


Suitable for companies that prefer a more affordable solution with an easy-to-use visual editor and a variety of templates.

It is recommended for businesses that need a versatile website with built-in e-commerce features, without looking for advanced options.

To choose the best option for your business, evaluate your specific business needs and consider the pros and cons of each platform in terms of features, user experience, pricing, and integrations.

Take the time to test both platforms to determine which one best meets your expectations and will allow you to successfully develop your online business.


Wix or Shopify: which is better for small businesses?

Wix is generally the best choice for small businesses looking for an affordable and easy-to-use solution, while Shopify is better suited for e-commerce focused businesses.

Should I switch from Wix to Shopify?

Switching from Wix to Shopify can be beneficial if you require advanced e-commerce features and better scalability for your business.

Is it better to sell on Wix or Shopify?

It is best to sell on Shopify to take advantage of its advanced e-commerce features and numerous integrations.

Can we offer products on Wix for free?

You can offer products on Wix for free with a free plan, but you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to accept online payments and get full e-commerce functionality.

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