Wix vs Shopify vs BigCommerce : Which platform to choose

Wix vs Shopify vs BigCommerce

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Choosing an e-commerce platform is crucial to the success of your online business. While the natural choice for most new e-merchants is Shopify, there are many other Shopify alternatives on the market.

Today, we compare Wix, Shopify and BigCommerce, three industry giants, to help you make the best choice for your business.

General presentation of each platform


Shopify vs Wix vs WordPress

Wix is a versatile website creation platform that also offers e-commerce features. It is ideal for beginners and small businesses because of its ease of use and pre-built site templates. Wix offers a basic e-commerce solution, with shopping cart, payment, and inventory management options.


free Shopify alternatives

Shopify is a platform entirely dedicated to online commerce, with a strong reputation in the market. It offers a wide range of features, from product and order management to marketing and SEO tool integration. Shopify is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering a solid platform for growth.


BigCommerce is a complete e-commerce solution, suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to grow quickly. It offers a host of advanced features, including product management, SEO, and data analytics. BigCommerce is a robust option for businesses with specific and complex needs.

Wix vs Shopify vs BigCommerce: How do they compare in terms of features?

  • Wix offers a user-friendly interface, ideal for beginners, with basic e-commerce features and simplified customization. Wix makes it easy to create websites with its drag-and-drop editor, ideal for beginners who want a simple e-commerce site.
  • Shopify focuses on e-commerce, offering a wide range of features and applications to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Shopify offers native integration with multiple payment gateways, simplifying transactions for businesses of all sizes.
  • BigCommerce offers advanced and comprehensive features, allowing for extensive customization and flexibility for users with technical skills. BigCommerce includes advanced SEO tools to optimize SEO and increase visibility of online stores to technical users.

How do you choose between Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce based on your design and customization needs?

Comparison of design options and available models

  • Wix: many aesthetic and easily customizable templates
  • Shopify: professional themes, more complex customization
  • BigCommerce: quality templates, advanced customization capabilities

Flexibility and customization possibilities

  • Wix: intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ideal for beginners
  • Shopify: requires coding skills for extensive customization
  • BigCommerce: flexible editor, suitable for users with technical skills

Wix vs Shopify vs BigCommerce: How do they compare in terms of pricing?

PlatformsTariff plansPossible additional costs
WixBusiness Plan Basic: $17/monthTransaction fees for certain payment processors
Business Unlimited Plan: $25/monthCost of third-party applications in the Wix App Market
VIP Business Plan: $35/month
ShopifyShopify Basic Plan: $29/monthTransaction fees (0.5% to 2% except with Shopify Payments)
Shopify Plan: $79/monthCost of third-party applications in the Shopify App Store
Advanced Shopify Plan: $299/month
Shopify Plus Plan: on quote
BigCommerceStandard Plan: $29/monthCost of third party applications in the BigCommerce App Marketplace
Plan Plus: $79/month
Pro Plan: $299/month
Enterprise Plan : on quotation

What are the pros and cons of Wix, Shopify and BigCommerce?

In this section, we will summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each platform to make your choice easier.

WixEase of useLimited e-commerce functionality
Aesthetic and customizable modelsLess suitable for large online stores
Affordable rates
ShopifyPlatform specialized in e-commerceCustomization requiring coding skills
Wide range of features and applicationsTransaction fees (except with Shopify Payments)
Suitable for companies of all sizes
BigCommerceAdvanced and complete functionalitiesFewer apps than Shopify
No transaction feesPrices slightly higher than Wix
Flexibility and customization for technical users


The choice between Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce depends on your needs, budget and technical skills.

Wix is ideal for beginners and small businesses who want a simple and affordable solution with aesthetically pleasing templates. Shopify is a great choice for e-commerce businesses of all sizes because of its many features, vast ecosystem of apps, and specialization in e-commerce. Finally, BigCommerce is suitable for businesses with specific and complex needs, offering advanced features and extensive customization.

Each platform has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before making a decision. It is important to evaluate your needs in terms of features, design, pricing and technical support to choose the platform that best suits your e-commerce project.

Do not hesitate to test the free trial versions offered by these platforms in order to familiarize yourself with their interfaces and features before committing yourself.


Which is the best Wix or BigCommerce?

Wix is better for beginners and small businesses, while BigCommerce is better suited for businesses with specific and complex needs.

Is Shopify better than Wix?

Shopify is generally considered better than Wix for businesses of all sizes due to its specialization in e-commerce.

Which is the best e-commerce platform, Shopify vs BigCommerce?

Shopify is considered the best e-commerce platform because of its larger application ecosystem, e-commerce specialization and ease of use.

Which is more expensive, Wix or Shopify?

Wix offers cheaper rates than Shopify.

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