12+Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

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We cannot talk about online sales without mentioning Amazon, which is the largest online sales platform. Millions of people shop on Amazon every day.

The statistics tell us that more than 11,000 products are sold per minute. These numbers are huge and prove that there is money to be made on Amazon.

If you are new to dropshipping, it may be tempting to want to start with Amazon to benefit from a small part of the ultra-qualified traffic that comes to this site every minute. However, if you don’t have a good supplier, despite all the traffic that will rush to your store, you won’t be able to last long.

In this article, you will discover the list of the best dropshipping suppliers for Amazon. These are suppliers from different countries with whom you can collaborate.

Let’s first start by understanding how to dropship on Amazon.

How to dropship on Amazon?

How to dropship on Amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon is quite special compared to what is done on other e-commerce platforms. Generally, the dropshipper is led to create his shop and optimize it according to his preferences.

On Amazon, things are a bit different. You do not have the opportunity to create your store and optimize it according to your preferences. You are subject to the basic interface offered by Amazon to its sellers.

Here are the steps to start dropshipping on Amazon.

Create your seller account

To start selling on Amazon as a retailer or wholesaler, you must first register as a seller. This goes through an account creation process where you will be asked to fill in information about your store and the different niches you want to cover.

For the type of account, we advise you to choose the professional plan. With this type of account, you will only have to pay $39.9 per month, compared to $0.99 per product sold with the individual plan.

Indeed, on an individual level, you can very quickly find yourself with a very low-profit margin if you sell a lot of products.

When creating your seller account on Amazon, you will be asked for information about your company’s taxation in order to verify the authenticity of your company.

After creating your account, you have to start your search for the winning product.

What product to sell in dropshipping on Amazon?

On Amazon, not all products are salable. Indeed, you must start by researching non-sellable products in dropshipping.

There are several methods of finding a winning dropshipping product. But the method we recommend is the use of an Adspy tool. This method allows you to save time and speed up the process of finding a winning product.

In reality, an adspy tool is a winning product research tool that spies on social networks and collects ads that are already working. As a dropshipper, you know that you always have to sell products that are already working on the market.

There is no point in getting into the sale of a product that no one else is selling on the Internet.

In terms of adspy tools, Dropsipy is the best of all. This is a very comprehensive product research tool that spies on ads that are already running on Facebook.


You can find your winning product in a few clicks just by filtering ads using the features of a winning product.

Dropispy also allows you to spy on your competitors with its shop spy tool. This allows you to identify your potential competitors and see the different marketing approaches they use.

Unlike most winning product finder tools that cost an average of $100 per month, Dropispy only costs $29 per month on a basic subscription. Feel free to test Dropispy to find your next winning product.

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Choose your supplier

Choose your supplier

In classic dropshipping, it is after having received the orders in your store that you transfer them to your supplier who is responsible for delivering your customers.

In dropshipping on Amazon, the system is not the same. You must order your products in advance from your supplier, even without receiving orders on your store.

The products will be stored in Amazon’s warehouses and will be delivered to your customers after ordering. The advantage here is that Amazon has the best delivery times. And according to a study, almost all buyers want fast deliveries.

A buyer will potentially prefer to buy on Amazon, which delivers in 48 hours, than on a store where delivery will take 2 weeks.

The downside is that you will have to pay a lot of money to have your stock in Amazon’s warehouses. The second disadvantage is that you could lose your capital if you fail to make sales.

Indeed, you must find a supplier who is compatible with the operation of Amazon and who can deliver your products to the warehouses of the e-commerce giant. For dropshipping on Amazon, we recommend that you opt for a dropshipping supplier or instead of a dropshipping wholesaler for amazon.

Wholesale dropshipping on Amazon is not as profitable as selling products directly in retail.

In the next chapters of this article, we will discuss the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers.

Promote your products

There are thousands of sellers on Amazon. Despite all the optimizations you can do for your store’s SEO, we recommend that you start dropshipping on Amazon using paid advertising instead.

This will allow you to highlight your products when users come to do product searches. You will therefore be able to make your first sales more quickly and collect some opinions on your store.

Now that you know how to start dropshipping on Amazon, let’s take a look at the best dropshipping suppliers for Amazon.

12+ List of Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

  • Puckator Dropship
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Petra Industries
  • Reiko Wireless
  • Hill Interior
  • KidsDistribution
  • Wholesale2b
  • Lee Mar Pet
  • Dropship Beauty
  • Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers:
  • BigBuy

Puckator Dropship

Puckator Dropship is one of the best Amazon dropship suppliers that specialize in home decor products. This supplier offers a catalog of several hundred different products.

Puckator Dropship also delivers for standard dropshipping stores or even stores hosted on large marketplaces like stores on Amazon. So you can use this supplier for your Amazon store.

It is based in the UK and its prices are very affordable.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

CJ Dropshipping is one of the most famous Chinese dropshipping suppliers. This supplier is specially recognized for its products, which are very affordable in terms of price.

Indeed, you can have big profit margins if you find the right product. It is a general supplier, and therefore you will find all kinds of products with CJ Dropshipping.

The supplier has warehouses in China, USA, and UK. Your deliveries will therefore be faster.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

Worldwide Brands is well known in the world of online sales. It is a platform that brings together dropshipping suppliers from all over the world.

You will find suppliers from all niches and categories. The advantage of Worldwide Brands is that you can trust their suppliers because they take the time to test them and ensure the quality of their products.

For each niche, Worldwide Brands suppliers offer different product categories. If you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering unique products, do not hesitate to take a look at Worldwide Brands. They are definitely one of the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: Petra Industries

Petra Industries is an American supplier that is recognized for its collaboration with sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay.

It is a general supplier that offers several categories of products. You will find with Petra Industries, electronic products, decorative products, sports products and even gardening accessories.

Petra Industries has a catalog of over 15,000 products. You will surely find your winning product there. It’s definitely one of the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers.

Reiko Wireless

The mobile phone accessories market is another buoyant market for dropshipping. Reiko Wireless is indeed one of the largest wholesalers of phone accessories in the United States.

It also has a dropshipping program with no minimum order quantity or membership fees. This allows you to dropship on the Amazon platform.

Reiko Wireless gives you the opportunity to buy products at direct factory prices and resell them at high prices to make enough profit.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: Hill Interior

Hill Interior Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

Hill Interior is a veteran dropshipping wholesaler with over 45 years of experience that has over 2,500 products in its catalog.

It specializes in the sale of home furniture, lighting, gift items, cabinets, mirrors, and everything related to interior decoration.

Hill Interior already has thousands of satisfied customers in the UK. So you can trust them with the quality of their products.


KidsDistribution Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

KidsDistribution is the ideal dropshipping supplier if you are planning to sell stylish children’s clothing.

It has over 100,000 items available for dropshipping where you can find your winning product.
Additionally, they work with authorized Italian distributors and can also connect you with luxury brands such as Cesare, Armani, Byblos, and many more.

This supplier has an easy return and refund policy for 15 days.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers

We cannot talk about the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers without mentioning Wholesale2b which is also a platform where many suppliers come to promote their products.

Wholesale2b is not at all new to dropshipping on Amazon as it regularly collaborates with many sellers on the platform. It is one of the only Amazon dropshipping suppliers that has a direct integration on the platform.

Indeed, you can directly import products from Wholesale2b to your dropshipping store on Amazon. With this integration, you can also automate your inventory management.

All this will allow you to automate your sales process especially if you are in Amazon wholesale dropshipping.



NicheDropshipping is a China-based dropshipping company. This vendor specializes in product sourcing, warehousing, and order fulfillment.

With the help of their extensive supply chain network, NicheDropshipping can source almost any product for your Amazon store.

It has a private labeling service to help you build a brand and avoid violating Amazon’s dropshipping policies by ensuring you’re the only seller of record.

NicheDropshipping has warehouses in the United States that help reduce delivery times. He is both a supplier and a wholesaler.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: Lee Mar Pet

Lee Mar Pet

The pet niche is a compelling choice in e-commerce. If you are considering getting into this business on Amazon, Lee Mar Pet is a great choice as a supplier.

It is an award-winning supplier of pet products for renowned brands such as Catit, Petmate and Kong. From grooming accessories and toys to beds and cages, Lee Mar Pet can deliver all the products you want to your customers.

Moreover, Lee Mar Pet has the high-quality product images that you can use on your store site.

Dropship Beauty

Dropship Beauty

Hair extensions are a growing niche and have huge earning potential on Amazon, provided you find a good supplier. Dropship Beauty, which offers a premium line of hair care products, is here to help.

Whatever style, color, or length you’re looking for, chances are Dropship Beauty has it. All of their products are also available at wholesale prices to maximize your profit on Amazon!

Dropship Beauty also offers branded packaging to help you launch a brand.

Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers: BigBuy


BigBuy is a leading European dropshipping company that has been around for over 10 years. It offers more than 10,000 products in its catalog that you can dropship on Amazon at competitive prices.

Their warehouses in Europe allow them to fulfill orders within 2-4 days in most countries in North America and Europe.

BigBuy also has the distinction of offering several payment methods, including PayPal and cards. It is also among the best Amazon dropship suppliers.

Best Amazon Dropshipping Suppliers : Conclusion

If you want to get into dropshipping, you can start by being a seller on Amazon. Although this requires more investment than traditional dropshipping, you are in turn more likely to sell your products quickly due to the highly qualified traffic that Amazon receives every day.

In this article, we have seen how you can start dropshipping in dropshipping and also the best suppliers for Amazon.

Frequently Asked questions

Is dropshipping on Amazon profitable?

Yes, dropshipping on Amazon is profitable. Generally in classic dropshipping, the profit margins are 20 to 30%. However, if you are among the dropshippers on Amazon, in taking into account subscription fees and other ancillary costs, you can very quickly find yourself at 10 or 15% profit.

What is the best dropshipping supplier for Amazon?

It is quite difficult to name a single supplier as the best supplier for Amazon. We will rather say the best dropshipping suppliers US for Amazon.
The products offered by the vendors vary according to their niches. Indeed, one cannot compare a supplier of clothing with a supplier of electronic products.

However, in this article, we have discussed the best suppliers of major dropshipping niches.

How to find winning dropshipping products for Amazon?

There are several methods of finding a winning product. But to quickly find your winning product for Amazon, we recommend using Dropispy which is a product search tool (Adspy tool). This tool can also help you even if you are doing Amazon wholesale dropshipping.

This method is already used by several dropshippers for Amazon.

What are the best dropshipping suppliers US for Amazon?

There are thousands of dropshipping suppliers USA for Amazon in the United States. There are all categories and all niches. Indeed, we cannot rank the best dropshipping suppliers for Amazon in the United States by niche. In this article, we have talked about the best Amazon dropshipping suppliers in the United States in different dropshipping niches.

Difference between amazon supplier and wholesaler

The difference between a supplier and a wholesaler is that the supplier offers products in retail while the wholesaler only offers products in wholesale. If you want to dropship on Amazon, it is better to work directly with a supplier, but if you want to do Amazon wholesale dropshipping, you had better working with a wholesaler.

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