11+Best AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

Top 11 Best AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

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What dropshipper wouldn’t want to partner with the best dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress?

One of the reasons why dropshipping is still considered a risky business is that the dropshipper is not completely independent and does not have absolute control over his business.

Indeed, the dropshipper is highly dependent on his supplier. If you are a dropshipper, it is better to be aware from the beginning that all your efforts can be reduced to zero if you collaborate with the wrong supplier.

You must therefore pay particular attention to the choice of your supplier. For this, AliExpress is by far the best platform you can start on.

Discover, in this article, the 11 best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

AliExpress Dropshipping suppliers: What you need to know

AliExpress is obviously the preferred platform for dropshippers. It is the largest Chinese commerce marketplace.

You will find all kinds of products like on Amazon with more affordable prices. This is also why dropshippers adopt it.

You can find products at low prices and resell them at high prices in order to make a good profit margin.

By the way, many point out the fact that the products of AliExpress are not of very good quality. But with a good product research approach, you can find suppliers who deliver good quality products.

In addition, delivery times may be longer due to the Europe-China distance. However, it is quite possible to find suppliers on AliExpress who have warehouses in Europe and who deliver faster.

How to find suppliers on AliExpress?

Finding a supplier on AliExpress is as easy as finding a winning product with Dropispy. Indeed, before you even begin your search for a supplier, you must first find your winning product.

For the research of winning products in dropshipping, you can use Dropispy which is by far the best product research tool. The tool is very comprehensive and very easy to use.

I invite you to discover Dropispy for free to find your winning product before you start looking for suppliers.

Let’s go back to finding a droshipping supplier on AliExpress. There are mainly 2 research methods. You can either proceed by native search from Google or go directly on the AliExpress platform.

Finding AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers with Google

Finding AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers with Google

For the native search of AliExpress dropshipping suppliers from Google, you simply need to search for the product name followed by the keyword “AliExpress Supplier” or the keyword “Fournisseur AliExpress”.

You should be aware that this research method can be quite time-consuming because dropshipping wholesale suppliers, especially those from AliExpress, are not used to working on optimizing their website.

Indeed, they are generally not found in the first pages of search engine results. So don’t get tired of digging through Google results pages to find the perfect supplier for your product.

Finding a supplier directly on the platform is easier and faster.

Supplier search on the AliExpress platform

AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers on the AliExpress platform

Searching for a supplier directly on AliExpress is practically the same as searching for a supplier on search engines. The difference here is that you just have to search for your winning product and you will find several people selling the same product.

You can simply choose a supplier based on the criteria for choosing a dropshipping wholesale supplier.

Criteria for choosing AliExpress dropshipping suppliers

  • Supplier rating: On product pages on AliExpress, you usually have 2 ratings for each supplier. A rating out of 5 is for the current product, and an average rating of all vendor products is in percentage.

We recommend that you only work with suppliers with a rating above 95%.

Criteria for choosing AliExpress dropshipping suppliers
  • Customer feedback after purchase: these are the comments located at the bottom of the page. They tell you enough about the quality of the products and the delivery times of this supplier.
Customer feedback on AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers
  • The cost of the products: to increase your margins, you must find a supplier who sells the product at a low price
  • Delivery times: delivery times are of paramount importance in dropshipping. There is no point in collaborating with suppliers who deliver after 3 weeks. You will disappoint your customers
  • Ease of contact: for the proper functioning of your dropshipping business, you need a dropshipping supplier who is available at all times with whom you can communicate if there is a problem
  • The return and refund policy: in dropshipping, even if you offer products of impeccable quality, you will always be faced with dissatisfied customers. These are customers who are never satisfied and want either a product replacement or a refund.

Take the time to carefully read your supplier’s return and refund policies. There are some suppliers who do not support customer returns and refunds. If you collaborate with this type of supplier, you will therefore be obliged to reimburse your customers out of your own pocket.

  • The means of delivery: For deliveries from China, we all agree that they take longer. However, this duration is considerably reduced if your supplier uses the correct means of delivery.

Among the delivery ways of AliExpress, Aliexpress Standard Shipping and ePacket are the fastest ways. You must therefore ensure that your supplier delivers by one of these means before you can collaborate with them.

This will be a major advantage over your competitors, as you will have faster deliveries.

However, additional charges may apply for these fast deliveries. So take the time to calculate them to add them to your selling price. Customers will prefer to buy a product that costs €5 more and receive it in less than 5 days than to buy the same product cheaper and receive it in 3 weeks.

To quickly identify if these express delivery methods are available from a supplier, we recommend that you use the Oberlo extension, which allows you to have a quick view of certain supplier details that are not available on the main interface.

Here is our list of the top 11 AliExpress dropshipping suppliers.

Top 11 Best Dropshipping Suppliers on AliExpress

This list of top 11 AliExpress vendors is a list based on the vendor selection criteria seen earlier. Here you will find suppliers from all major dropshipping niches.

Keai 3C Store

Keai 3C Store AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

Keai 3C Store is one of the best dropshipping wholesale suppliers on AliExpress. He has been on the platform since 2018 and specializes in electronic devices and phone accessories.

His stats are pretty good. The supplier has a total of more than 94% positive evaluations on several hundred thousand orders. It even completed over 11,000 orders on a single product with an average rating of 4.8.

Keai 3C Store AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

It is rated 4.7/5 in communication and delivery time. He has more than 23,000 subscribers on his store.

All these statistics prove that Keai 3C Store is a good supplier. So, if you want to sell phone accessories, do not hesitate to visit his shop.

GTWIN Phone Accessories Store

GTWIN Phone Accessories Store AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

GTWIN Phone Accessories Store is also a dropshipping supplier specializing in the sale of phone accessories. This supplier is very young on the platform. With only one year of experience on AliExpress, these statistics show that he can be trusted.

In terms of positive reviews, GTWIN Phone Accessories Store has 96% positive reviews. Which means its items are exactly as they are described on the product sheets.

In terms of communication and delivery, GTWIN Phone Accessories Store is also strong with an average rating of 4.7/5. We also have more than 2000 subscribers on the store, which is quite interesting for a store that is only one year old.

GTWIN Phone Accessories Store

It has also made more than 21,000 orders for one of its products.

Desert Spring

Desert Spring AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

Available on AliExpress since 2016, Desert Spring is a dropshipping supplier specializing in the sale of hoodies with embroidered towels, for men and women. You are not unaware that the clothing niche is a very profitable niche in dropshipping.

Desert Spring is followed by more than 43,000 subscribers with a communication rating of 4.7/5. In addition, this supplier has more than 95% positive reviews on these products.

In view of all these statistics, you are reassured about the quality of its products. You can then contact this supplier if you want to sell clothes.

AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers: BLEASENDY Store

BLEASENDY Store AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers

If you want to start selling men’s clothing, especially pants, BLEASENDY Store is the best suited supplier in AliExpress.

With over 7 years of AliExpress experience, BLEASENDY Store is by far one of the best AliExpress suppliers for dropshipping . We are talking about an average score of 96/100 and 4.7/5 in terms of communication.

He has also accumulated nearly 10,000 orders for one of his products. So you can trust BLEASENDY Store for your clothing dropshipping business.

Wendy's dogs cats Store

Wendy's dogs cats Store

If you are more interested in animal products, you can therefore trust Wendy’s dogs cats Store, which is a supplier specializing in cat products. You will find any type of cat product with this supplier.

Regarding its statistics, we have 9,000 subscribers on the store, more than 95% positive reviews. It is obviously a supplier who delivers very quickly.

Wendy's dogs cats Store

Becirzet Underwear Official Store

Becirzet Underwear Official Store

Becirzet Underwear Official Store is a supplier specializing in the sale of women’s white underwire bodysuits and underwear. It is a supplier present on AliExpress since 2018 and having 97.9% positive reviews.

In terms of communication and delivery, Becirzet Underwear Official Store is also well rated: 4.8/5. We can therefore trust him for the quality of his products and services.

AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers: WAREBALL Official Store

WAREBALL Official Store

WAREBALL Official Store is a supplier with 3 years on AliExpress. He specializes in selling women’s sportswear such as sports training sets, fitness bras and pants, etc.

It is clearly the best dropshipping supplier on AliExpress in the women’s clothing niche.

This supplier has very good ratings and good reviews on the platform for a seniority of 3 years. Indeed, it is followed by more than 47,000 subscribers, 98% positive reviews and 4.9/5 in communication and delivery.

WAREBALL Official Store is therefore the ideal supplier in AliExpress for the sale of women’s sportswear, given these statistics. He is trustworthy.

VNOX official store

VNOX official store

The jewelry and luxury products niche is of interest to more and more people. And people are more likely to buy luxury goods. VNOX official store is a supplier of jewelry like necklaces, chains, rings and others.

We recommend this supplier to you not only because of the quality of their products, but also because of their very affordable products . Its products are products with high perceived value and although they are quite low in terms of price, you can potentially resell them for a very high price.

These statistics are very good and you can safely partner with this supplier if you want to sell jewelry or other similar beauty products.

O.TWO.O Official Store

O.TWO.O Official Store

If you are looking for a supplier for women’s beauty products, O.TWO.O Official Store is probably the supplier for you.

Beauty products for women are among the best-selling products in dropshipping. Even if the niche seems to be saturated, there is always room to be made when you know how to do it and when you offer very good products.

For this, you can collaborate with the supplier O.TWO.O Official Store. In addition to these statistics which are very good, O.TWO.O Official Store also offers very beautiful product photos which you can directly import to your store.

Given the quality of these images, you can also use them to make your ads.

AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers: AShine life Store

AShine life Store

AShine life Store is one of the most reputable suppliers of decorative items on the AliExpress platform.

This supplier offers very good prices with impeccable product quality. By collaborating with AShine life Store, you will also be entitled to very beautiful visuals of the product which you can use to present the product on your website.

Unlike other suppliers, the product sheets are very well written. All this shows the seriousness of this supplier. The statistics also prove that we can of course trust ASHine life Store for decorative objects and other interior products.

Mom Baby Kids Store

Mom Baby Kids Store

In dropshipping, children’s products, especially toys, are also very well sold, because anyone can buy them to offer to someone. These products experience an explosion during the summer and the holiday season.

Mom Baby Kids Store is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in AliExpress. If you want to sell products from the baby niche, you will benefit from collaborating with this supplier.

It offers good quality products with very fast deliveries.

AliExpress Dropshipping Suppliers: Conclusion

In this article, we have seen the top 11 AliExpress dropshipping suppliers. These are choices that have been made from the best dropshipping niches.

Indeed, whatever the product you want to sell in dropshipping, you will find, in this list, the supplier adapted to your needs.

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