How to find winning products on Amazon

How to find winning products on Amazon

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We cannot talk about e-commerce without mentioning the giant Amazon, which represents the mirror of online sales. In the United States alone, more than 49.1% of online purchases are made on Amazon.

It is the platform on which you can find any type of product. It is, therefore, the best place to take the temperature of the market. You will be able to see the biggest trends and the best sales of the moment.

Indeed, if thousands of sellers make thousands of euros in turnover every day, it is because there are winning products that are constantly circulating on the market.

In this article, we are going to learn how to find winning products on Amazon.

Finding winning products on Amazon : choosing the niche

find winning products on Amazon

Amazon is a generalist platform where you can find products of all categories. Indeed, product research can be very complicated if you do not have an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

You must first identify your niche.

Here are the best dropshipping niches where you can start your product research on Amazon:

  • Fashion and accessories;
  • Jewelry ;
  • Object of decoration;
  • Garden Tool;
  • Child ;
  • Object for cat/dog;
  • Sports and entertainment.

Before starting the search for a winning product, you must know what a winning product looks like on Amazon.

What is a winning product on Amazon ?

What is a winning product on Amazon

In the process of finding a winning product, it is generally advisable to opt for new products, products that have a Wow effect, products that solve a problem and products that are less expensive.

However, to find winning products, especially on Amazon, you must also consider other criteria such as:

Search volume

Overall search volume is the first factor to consider when choosing a winning product on Amazon. It is calculated monthly and provides information on the number of times buyers search for the product during a month.

The higher the overall volume, the greater the demand for that product. Indeed, if you want to sell your products on the French market, opt for products whose monthly search volume is more than 2500.

On the other hand, for the English market, prefer products whose monthly search volume exceeds 5000 because of the very high competition.

To find the overall search volume of a product on Amazon, you can use Ahrefs or Keyword tool

The profit margin

In the search for a winning product, it is recommended to select products with which you can achieve a profit margin of at least 30%.

To estimate the profit margin of a product, you can search the product on other platforms like Ebay or AliExpress. This will allow you to have an overview of the purchase price of the product. You can, therefore, calculate the difference by taking into account the average selling price on Amazon and ancillary costs.

You can also search the product name on Google to compare the selling price of the product in other online stores with the selling price on Amazon.

Ease of shipping

In choosing your winning product, you should avoid products that may be costly or risky to deliver. These are fragile, heavy, liquid or flammable products.

By selling this type of product, you will frequently face return and refund cases from your customers.

Instead, choose lightweight products that can be transported easily.

Added value

The added value you bring to a product is what will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is why you must choose products that you can have personalized according to the needs of your customers.

This will also allow you to easily scale and brand your product.

Now that you know what a winning product looks like on Amazon, we will now discover some methods for finding products that meet these criteria.

Winning product research strategy on Amazon

After choosing the niche, you can start the search for a winning product using one of the strategies we will see in this chapter.

Manual search

Search by category

Search by category to find winning products on Amazon

Once on Amazon, click on the product category you want to sell. You will have hundreds of products related to this niche that you can start testing in your store. Remember that a product only really becomes a winner when you test it and make big sales.

So you need to do some testing.

Within this product category, make product selections based on the features of a winning product listed earlier. Feel free to use the filters to optimize your results.

Search by keyword

Search by keyword to find winning products on Amazon

Searching for the winning product by keyword is quite special on Amazon. There is no standard keyword that you can use to find winning products. Keywords should come from your imagination.

This is why it is recommended to choose a niche that you master. This makes keyword research easier because by having knowledge in the field, you can easily put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and identify their problems.

Once you have identified the needs of users of products in this category, you can deduce the keywords you will search for on Amazon.

Search among bestsellers

Bestsellers represent the set of products that sell the most on Amazon. It is a category that brings together products from all other categories. It is updated daily.

So you have enough chances to find winning products among the best-selling products in the market. In addition, you will no longer need to carry out several tests, because you are already certain that these are products that are already selling on the market.

The downside with products in this category is that you will face very tough competition and it can be very difficult to position yourself.

Here are two tips that can help you better choose your winning product in the best-selling category.

  • Equivalent products: when you identify a potential winning product among Amazon’s bestsellers, the ideal would be to go to Ebay or AliExpress to search for similar products. You will surely find similar products in different formats that you can sell to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Customer reviews: the objective here is not to see only the products that have the most positive reviews. You should also focus on negative reviews to identify the difficulties that users encounter in using these products. The problems identified will become your marketing argument.

Example: for an electronic product, you notice that there are several opinions where customers complain about the autonomy of the device. Your role will be to identify other products that play the same role but have better battery life.

The latest news

The latest news on Amazon

The latest news brings together all the new products on the platform.

It is not about the best-selling products as in the case of the best-selling category. However, by researching your winning product in this category, you can very quickly find new products before they hit the market.

Amazon Trend Report

Amazon trend and report

Amazon Trend Report is also an Amazon feature that allows you to have a global view of the market over the last 12 months. You can identify the niches and products that have seen success over this entire period.

The search for winning products by spy tools

Automatic research tools for winning products

The winning product research tools method is the method used by most Amazon sellers.

This method is very fast and saves you enough time. With these automatic winning product research tools, you will have access to relevant information such as the profitability of a product, its trend in the market and the average number of sales per week or per month.

It is also a good way to analyze competitors. As a winning product research tool on Amazon, I recommend you to opt for Jungle Scout or Helium 10. These are the two best winning product research tools on Amazon.

Jungle scout and Helium 10

These two tools work the same way. They collect all the products sold on Amazon in a database and you will only have to filter to find the products that suit you.

You can filter by market, category, product release date, keywords, price, customer reviews, product size and weight.


For each product, these tools provide you with information about the different keywords that users use to search for that type of product. You can therefore use these keywords in the writing of your product sheet to better position yourself.

Social media ad spy tools

However, if you want to extend your product search to other platforms, you can opt for tools like Dropispy which specializes in spying on Facebook ads or Minea which is a much more complete tool that spies on Facebook ads, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Find winning product on dropispy

It is also possible to use the Adspy tools Minea and Dropispy to find winning products on Amazon, although these tools do not spy on the ads made on Amazon.

In reality, on the Internet, we find almost the same products on all sales platforms. Only prices and marketing strategies differ from one target to another. As a result, there is a good chance that a product that is a hit on Facebook or other social networks will also work on Amazon.

You can therefore use Minea and Dropispy to find winning products on social networks to resell them on Amazon.

In addition, these tools also allow you to analyze the best online shopping stores. You will no longer have to embarrass yourself in your competitive analysis.


From all the above, we remember that there are several methods to find winning products on Amazon. You can use the manual methods or the product research tools.

In your search, always take into account the criteria for choosing a winning product.

Frequently asked questions

How to dropship on Amazon?

To dropship on Amazon, you must register as a seller and take out a subscription. The basic subscription costs $0.99 for each product sold and the professional subscription costs $39.99 regardless of how many products you sell.

Once you create your account, you can begin the winning product search process using any of the techniques seen in this article.

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