Ultimate methods to find winning products on TikTok

Ultimate methods to find winning products on TikTok

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The meteoric evolution of the TikTok social network represents an incredible opportunity for web entrepreneurs. The social network now has nearly a billion active users who are over the age of 18.

Indeed, more and more e-merchants or dropshippers are using the platform to reach their targets through ads or product placements with network influencers.

Thus, it can be interesting to take advantage of this colossal quantity of ads which circulates every day on the social network to find potential winning products.

In this article, you will learn all the reliable methods that will allow you to find winning product on TikTok.

First let’s start by seeing what a winning product looks like.

Characteristics of a winning product on TikTok

In general, very few of the products published organically or through ads on TikTok or other social networks are winning products. Thus, to avoid losing your money by testing random products on your online store, you will have to carry out rigorous sorting.

New Product
Wow effect product
Inexpensive product
Product that solves a problem
Product that engages users

Here are some criteria that make a product a potential winner. Remember that a product only really becomes a winner when you test it on your store and make sales.

New product

New products attract the attention of users very quickly and videos of these products go viral on the Internet very quickly. Indeed, TikTok is the social network par excellence for new trends.

Therefore, you are more likely to discover trending products than on other social networks. The advantage with new products is that they very quickly become trendy products and many people buy them just out of fashion.

As a dropshipper or e-merchant, this is to your full advantage. You will no longer need strong marketing arguments to sell.

In addition, there is very little chance that a new product will be found in stores or supermarkets as soon as it is launched. One more reason that will lead users to buy the product in your online store, because they will not find it elsewhere.

On the other hand, a very old product (no recent video of the product on TikTok) is surely already saturated or no longer sells at all. It is therefore useless to start selling this type of product.

Product that solves a problem

The top winning e-commerce products that have accumulated the most sales have always been products that solve a particular product among users. A product that solves a problem will sell easily. Take this criterion into account when choosing your products.

Wow effect product

Wow products are products that catch the user’s attention at first sight. Much like new products, users buy these products out of trend or curiosity. Do not hesitate to test wow effect products.

Product that engages users

User engagement around a product should be a primary factor when choosing your winning product. Basically, a product that has fully solicited user engagement through Likes, positive comments, and shares will sell better than a product that has received mostly negative feedback.

Focus your search on organic ads or posts that have positive feedback from users.

Inexpensive product

If you want to sell dropshipping easily, you need to direct your product research to the cheaper products that a prospect can buy without thinking too much. It is advisable to opt for products that do not exceed 50 €.

Taking into account that the general audience on TikTok is relatively young, you will have an easier time selling products for 15 €, 20 € or 30 €.

Now that you know what the winning products can look like, now let’s find out how to search for these products on the TikTok social network.

How to find a winning product on TikTok ?

Characteristics of a winning product on TikTok

Traditional research method

The traditional TikTok product search method is to search for products manually on the social network. This method may seem time-consuming and tedious. However, several e-merchants continue to use it to find winning products on TikTok. Proof that it still works.

In fact, content creators on TikTok use hashtags extensively to increase the reach of their posts. Therefore, the best way to find posts or product ads on TikTok is to search for these hashtags.

There are 2 main groups of hashtags that are frequently found in TikTok videos.

Hashtags of products found on TikTok

Hashtags of products found on TikTok

Hashtags in this category are used by content creators who have discovered interesting products on TikTok that they want to share with their audience.

To find these products, just search these hashtags:

  • #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt
  • #Amazon(favorites/must-haves)
  • #AliExpress(favorites/must-haves)

The products you will find after this search are potential winning products that you can submit to the selection criteria for winning products seen previously in order to opt for the best product.

Product category hashtags

If you already have a store that sells in a specific niche, it might be worth searching for products using product category hashtags. You will surely find additional products from your niche that you can “Upsell” to your customers.

Here are some examples of category hashtags you can use in your searches:

  • #Product for cat / dog
  • #Beauty product
  • #Decoration
  • #Kitchen

You can also combine the two groups of hashtags for more advanced searches.

  • #AliExpress cooking
  • #Decoration TikTok Made Me Buy It

In addition, it can be interesting to also search for products using hashtags like #produitgagnantdropshipping #ecommerce #winningproducts #dropshippingproduct…

The disadvantage is that you will find products that are mostly saturated, because these videos have already been seen by thousands of other dropshippers who have already had time to sell the product before you.

Find winning products on TikTok with Adspy tools

Find winning products on TikTok with Adspy tools

Adspy tools are spy tools that collect all ads published on social networks using their powerful algorithms. These ads are stored in a database which is updated daily.

Since these are algorithms that collect all ads, you will face different categories of ads. It will be up to you to filter these ads so that you only see those relating to dropshipping or e-commerce products.

All Adspy tools have filters that allow you to optimize your search results according to your preferences.

Filters to find winning products on TikTok

Here are some filters you can use to quickly find winning products with any Adspy tool:

  • Date of publication of the ad: the last 30 days
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Type of visual: Video
  • Language: English, French Video
  • Country: USA, UK, FR, CAN, AUS
  • Engagement: +500 likes

In summary, Adspy tools make product research much easier. By paying only a few euros monthly subscription, you will save a lot of time and improve your productivity.

There are several Adspy tools on the market. However, very few spy on the TikTok social network. Indeed, the best that I can recommend that can help you find winning products on TikTok is Minea.

Minea remains the most complete Adspy tool with huge features like its competitor Dropispy which specializes in spying on Facebook.

find winning products on TikTok


TikTok is today the social network of major trends. If you want to unearth new winning product trends before they spill over to other social networks, like Facebook and Instagram, you should definitely start by researching your winning products on TikTok using one of the research methods described in this article.

Frequently asked questions

How to find winning dropshipping products on TikTok?

You can find winning products on TikTok by searching hashtags or using dedicated product research tools. The second method is the most effective.

How to sell dropshipping products on TikTok?

Ads and product placements with influencers are the two best ways to sell dropshipping products on TikTok. However, choosing the method of promoting your product is highly dependent on the type of product you are selling.

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