How to find winning products on Instagram

How to find winning products on Instagram

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Product research is a crucial step in any business. Whether you have an online or physical business, finding the ideal product that will meet the needs of your audience can be very complicated.

Despite the different product research methods that exist, many e-merchants or dropshippers still encounter difficulties in researching and choosing their winning products.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Instagram social network. You will learn all the strategies and methods that will allow you to find winning products on Instagram.

Why search for winning products on Instagram?

Instagram is known as a network where a lot of visual content is shared. With the advent of “Reels”, the demand for video content has almost doubled.

The social network is very active and has more than a billion monthly active users. This is by far the best place to position your brand or products. Influencer marketing is also very widespread on the platform and influencers do enough promotions.

All these parameters confirm the presence of major e-commerce brands on the platform. And to succeed in dropshipping, there is no better way than to take inspiration from the big shops that are already successful in the market.

Find winning products on instagram with news feed

This is why you should start by researching winning products on Instagram. By searching on Instagram, you will increase your chances of seeing product placements or ads made by your competitors.

As a result, you will not only be able to find winning products, but also learn more about their audience and the different marketing strategies they use to develop their business.

Now let’s find out how to spy on competitors and find winning products on Instagram.

Instagram winning product research strategies

The best way to succeed in dropshipping or e-commerce is to notreinvent the wheel.” Which will mean that you should only do what is already on the market. You should only sell what is already selling.

Admittedly, you may be tempted to want to sell a brand-new product that has not been tested or outright create your product to differentiate yourself. But, remember that this process is longer and requires enough financial investment.

In addition, you must have enough market experience to impose yourself in the minds of your audience. This is not what I recommend, especially if you are new to dropshipping.

Indeed, the first method of researching a winning product on Instagram is searching by keywords or hashtags.

Find winning products on Instagram with hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on Instagram to increase the reach of organic posts. They are also widely used by influencers. That’s why product research on Instagram starts with hashtags.

find winning products on instagram

Here are the most common hashtags used to promote dropshipping products on Instagram.

  • #winningproducts
  • #dropshipping
  • #shopnow
  • #Amazon
  • #placementDeProduit
  • #AliExpress
  • #sponsoring
  • #newProduct
  • #buynow
  • #advertising

Researching these hashtags will allow you to identify several potential winning products that you can test on your online store. However, not all the products you will see during your search are directly winning products.

You must sort the products according to the engagement of the audience with the product (number of views, comments, likes…), the price (product costing less than €60), and the functionality of the product (product that solves a consumer problem).

Prefer the most recent ads to maximize your chances of finding trending winning products.

The second method to find winning products on Instagram is a very dreadful secret technique that many do not use.

Create a new Instagram account

Create instagram account

This second technique consists of creating a brand new Instagram account and defining its location in the country where you want to sell your products. For example, if you want to focus on the French market, you will create an account and locate it in France.

On the other hand, if you wish to sell your products on the English market, you can create an account and domicile it in an English country.

The goal here is to make the algorithms believe that you live in the country you would have chosen. Once you create your account, you will now search on Google for the best influencers in the niche in which you want to practice.

Follow the accounts of all these influencers. It is recommended to subscribe to as many accounts as possible (at least 200 influencers) to see as much content as possible because it is among this content that your next winning product will be found.

All you have to do here is follow these influencers and spy on their product placements. At the end of each day, watch all the stories from these influencers.

You will surely notice products that are promoted by multiple influencers. This exercise should be repeated every day for a week.

The ideal thing to do is to create an Excel sheet in which you will be able to follow each product. For each day, mark all the products you found. The objective at the end of the week is to keep only the products that you have encountered the most times during your data collection.

Products list

If several influencers are promoting the same or a similar product, this product is most likely a winning product. You can start testing it on your online store.

What I advise you is to create several accounts in different countries in order to follow as many influencers as possible.

For example, you can create an account in France and follow only French influencers, another account in the United States and follow only English influencers, and another account in Spain to follow only Spanish influencers.

This will allow you to be aware of everything that is happening in terms of product trends on social networks. Indeed, if you notice that there is a product that is a hit in several markets, the probability is very high that it is a winning product that you must test in your store.

Although this method of research is very effective, there is still another method that makes it easier to find winning products on Instagram.

This is research with ad spy tools.

Find winning products on Instagram with spy tools

We can’t talk about product research without mentioning ad spy tools. Although the previous research method is very effective, it is still quite tedious and time-consuming.

However, with the use of ad spy tools, you can save a lot of time in your search for a winning product.

On Instagram, advertisers mainly use two methods to promote their products and services: ads (Instagram Ads) and influencer marketing (placement of products with influencers).

So you can find winning products by analyzing ads or product placements.

Discover the spy tools for analyzing ads on Instagram.

Spy tools for analyzing ads

These tools are specialized in the collection of ads on social networks.


Find winning products on Instagram with dropispy

Although Dropispy is a Facebook ad spy tool, you can use it for Instagram product research. Indeed, Facebook and Instagram ads are all configured in the Facebook Business Manager.

As a result, almost all of the ads made on Instagram are also found on Facebook. Dropispy is the best Adspy tool to spy on Facebook ads, so you can use it to find your winning products on Instagram.

Like all other ad spy tools, Dropispy comes with filters that you can use to improve your results. Dropispy also allows an analysis of your competitors’ shops.

In addition, an interface will very soon be dedicated to Instagram ads on Dropispy.

Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library is a tool set up by the Facebook group (Meta). The tool allows you to search for ads that are made on all other social networks of the Facebook group.

It is therefore a very good place to search for ads made on Instagram. You can search ads by social network, by category, or by keyword. For each ad, you will have relevant information on the performance of the ad.

Several other ad spy tools like Bigspy, or Social Ad Scout also allow you to find winning products on Instagram. However, after conducting several tests, we noticed that the volume of ads on Instagram offered by these tools is very low. This reduces your chances of finding your winning product.

In addition, you can also find winning products by analyzing the product placements made by influencers.

Minea: best product placement analysis tool

Several product research tools are available in the market to analyze product placements. But, the best one that can help you find a winning product on Instagram is Minea.

Indeed, Minea works like all other winning product search tools. It collects ads from different social networks.

However, the particularity with Minea is that it has a feature specially dedicated to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing mainly consists of using the visibility of influencers to promote products and services. Moreover, this marketing strategy is the most used on Instagram for the sale of dropshipping products.

Placements Minea

Minea, therefore, allows you to analyze brands, product placements and influencers.

For each category, you will have very precise information on the performance of the promotion, the conversion rate as well as the targeted audience.

With Minea, you can also analyze influencers to find out which one will be best suited to your product and your audience. This way you avoid losing money by choosing the wrong influencer.

Find influencer on Minea

Moreover, Minea does not only offer the analysis of influencer marketing strategies. The tool also collects information about ads on other social networks such as Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest.

Its very advanced filtering options will also be useful for you to optimize your results according to your preferences.

It is therefore a very complete tool that can help you take your dropshipping or e-commerce business to the next level.

For €49 per month, you can already have access to the tool and take advantage of its multiple features.


Ultimately, Instagram is a network with great potential that offers a lot of possibilities to those who know how to take advantage of it. In this article, we have discussed the different techniques and methods of finding a winning product on Instagram.

It is important to remember that all research methods can help you find winning products. However, some are faster and more efficient than others. This is the case with the use of spy tools like Minea or Dropispy for product research.

Frequently asked questions

How to sell your dropshipping products on Instagram?

To successfully sell your dropshipping products on Instagram, you have the choice of using influencer marketing or going through ads to promote your products. However, each marketing strategy works with a particular type of product.

So, you need to find a strategy that can work with your product.

Can you find winning dropshipping products on Instagram for free?

Yes, in this article, we have covered the two free methods of how to find winning dropshipping products on Instagram. These are the hashtag search method and the search method with new accounts.

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