Winning Products for Dropshipping : Spying on the Web’s best ads ?

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Winning Products for Dropshipping

The current times call for any Dropshipper to educate themselves on new trends regarding the most effective way to find winning products for Dropshipping. Indeed, the traditional methods to find the best products online are time-consuming and waste you enough energy and financial means.

So, with the exponential advance of digital, or at least of technology, it is much better to adopt new methods based on Ads Spy tools to find the winning products with high potential for Dropshipping.

Also, if you want to go far to improve yourself, or to prepare for a better adventure in Dropshipping, we invite you to read our article widely deployed on the best ways to find Dropshipping winning products.

In this special feature, we will explain to you in the clearest possible way how to spy on ads on the web to find the winning products for Dropshipping. We assure you that at the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of knowing the effective way to unearth the Dropshipping winning products.

The best way to find winning products for Dropshipping : Using social media spy tools

Are you a Dropshipper, e-merchant or do you want to start your business activities online, and you lack information? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The first thing that matters most to us is to provide you with all about the current trends that can make it easy for you to succeed in your Dropshipping business.

Facebook ad spy

Finding the winning products for Dropshipping, isn’t that the main thing for you? This is our goal too! And to achieve this, note that we need to use web ad spy tools.

As said before, there are many methods to find winning products. According to many e-merchants, the best solution turns to ad spy tools. This is why in this article, we will focus only on the latter. On the other hand, we have written a very complete article on the best ways to find a winning product using Facebook (cocoon link).

To properly assimilate this aspect of our article, we will study together some Ads spy tools among many others. It will be AdSpy and Dropispy, the two big rivals, spy tools for ads on social networks.

On this, let’s first discuss what an ads spy tool is, then secondly the AdSpy app and the Dropispy software in the search for Dropshipping winning products.

What is an ads spy tool ?

An ad spy tool is a social media ad sourcing app. A spy tool collects millions of ads on the Web, then encourages Dropshippers or e-merchants to search its database for the best trending products that are hitting online.

Thus, when you use an ads spy tool, you are sure to find the popular Winners Products you need to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Now, let’s explore AdSpy in spying on the best online ads.

How to use Adspy to find winning products for Dropshipping ?


This is a Facebook ads spyware. It has a massive, comprehensive database that any Dropshipper or e-merchant can consult to find out about the best ads on the web.

It is a spy tool that allows any advertiser to innovate in their electronic commercial business. This is possible through the ads that the app collects and makes available to the advertiser in real time.

The AdSpy app, seen from this angle, allows Dropshippers and e-merchants to have inspiration in order to implement a good marketing strategy. There are two essential factors that prove the great usefulness of the tool.
It is :

  • Large volume of general and e-commerce ads,
  • Wide variety of filters and ad sorting.

When you opt for the use of this tool, you can only win big. Because, the app gives you every chance to collect the winning products for Dropshipping in real time thanks to the relevance of its filters.

The case of Dropispy software to find winning products for Dropshipping


The Dropispy app is an ads spy tool for sourcing ads on Facebook. It is a spy tool that collects a multitude of ads from the web. Hence, it has a huge comprehensive database that allows advertisers to search for the Dropshipping winning products that hit online.

Like AdSpy, Dropispy allows you to search its database for the best winning products for Dropshipping that will help you succeed in your commercial business on the Web.

Also, Dropispy is the only advertising spy tool that ranks potential trending winning stores, and can provide you with real-time information on the methods your competitors are using.

It must be admitted that the analyzes have already proven that the Dropispy spy tool is the most serious ads spy tool of the moment. Because, Dropispy has both an ads spy tool and a Shops spy tool that make it more efficient in terms of functionality. This is all evident due to our various experiences with the software in our online business.

Moreover, one of the most effective methods to find the best Dropshipping products with Dropispy is to use its Shops spy tool to first spy on the best online stores, in order to be inspired by their strategy. marketing and their best winning products.

Shop spy Dropispy

This method consists of browsing the Web with the Dropispy Shops ad spy tool to discover a large number of shops with trendy Dropshipping winning products!

Wondering how to find these Tops online stores? Let us inform you that there is an article prepared for you on the trendy Dropshipping shops. We encourage you to read it to get in touch with the most in-depth way to find the best Dropshipping stores.

Now, to continue, we are going to use Dropispy’s ads spy tool to be able to spy on the winners ads of these best shops.

Spy on the best Facebook ads

To spy on winners ads on Facebook, we need to base our study on an effective ad spy tool such as Dropispy. And since the Dropispy software is an ads spy tool that is particularly designed to spy on Facebook ads, we think it is best suited for this purpose.

So let’s understand this tool in spying on the best ads on the web.

Dropispy adspy tool

Now back to the main topic of this article. Indeed, Dropispy is an ads spy tool that spies on Facebook ads. It is an ad spy tool designed primarily for Dropshippers and e-merchants. The Dropispy app has become essential when it comes to the need for powerful tools for spying on the best ads on the Web.

Moreover, it is an app designed from the ground up with a variety of powerful features to match and compete with AdSpy which is considered a giant in the market. In addition, beyond its very intuitive interface, it is very accessible to everyone.

In fact, just like the AdSpy software, what makes the power of Dropispy is:

  • Its large volume of general and e-commerce ads,
  • Its relevant and diverse filters, and ad sorting.

To move forward in our adventure, we will discuss the various features that allow Dropispy to be powerful in spying on the best Facebook ads in order to find the best winning products for Dropshipping.

For this purpose, as we already know, to have a large volume of general and e-commerce ads, the spy tool must have enough very relevant filters. What shall we say then about the filters of the Dropispy tool?

Dropispy has a wide variety of quite relevant filters on which it depends in terms of performance. These filters allow you to configure the ads spy tool in order to have the ads which correspond exactly to the criteria defined at the beginning of your search. Take care to observe the relevant filters of the app on the following image:

Filters Dropispy

Let’s try to discover together some of these filters:

  • Search Text” filter favors entering a search query of certain type of given product or any niche you want to collect from Facebook.
  • The “Creation date” filter allows you to contextualize the various ads. For example, when you want to collect the best hits on the web in the past year, on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, etc., this filter is the right one for you. a good search result.
  • The “By platform” filter allows you to select all ads referring to specific CMSs only. Keep in mind that this is a filter that allows you to collect ads reserved for e-commerce.
Searching for ads

Finally, as soon as you finish refining your search by filling in the filters of the Dropispy tool, you then receive, and on the spot, Facebook ads. Having already received these ads at your disposal, you just need to focus on what is important to you: the collection of winning products for Dropshipping (see image below).

But it is not finished ! Now you need to make the best winner ads appear at the top of the list, by making use of the ad sorting system. Here’s how to sort through potential ads:

  • For example, you can select “Like” and “Desc” located in the upper right corner.

It is therefore this option that gives you the possibility of sorting ads in order to ask the Dropispy tool to put you at the top of the list of ads that have received the most social interactions. Let’s observe what this gives as a result by sorting by number of shares:

Sorting ads Dropispy

With Dropispy’s ads spy tool, you also have the option of bringing ads to the top of the list, going from the oldest to the most recent, and/or from the most recent to the oldest. Note that “Asc” means “in ascending order”, then “Desc” means “in descending order”.

And it’s time to notify you that you also have the opportunity to see our huge selection of great 2022 winning products. All the products you will see were found using Dropispy: 2022 winning products list (cocoon link)

Despite the fact that Dropispy plays the same roles with the AdSpy app, it is cheaper and very affordable for everyone. It is much more advantageous for Dropshippers and e-merchants, in this case beginners who do not have enough financial means.

Dropispy pricing per month

Well, to get to the bottom of this aspect, we invite you to read our article focused on the Adspy vs Dropispy comparative study.

Now, we will try to present to you the Top 5 Dropshipping winning products. All of these products were found by spying on ads.

Discover the presentation of 5 Winners Products to sell in 2022

There are a few important criteria that show that a product is a hit online: the high number of “Likes”, “Shares”, “Reactions” or “Orders”. Let us notice this together in the presentation of the following products:

Product 1

  • Product’s name : Invisible Storage Box
  • Product’s description : This drawer is incorporated into the cabinet so that it is invisible, and therefore your personal belongings will not be easily found.

In the screenshot below, you will see that this item is a Dropshipping winning product, due to the number of ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’, ‘Reactions’ and ‘Orders’ ‘.

Invisible Storage Box

Additionally, when you consider the creation date (07/19/2021) of the ad through the first view date and last view date (07/29/2021 and 09/5/2021), you know that the product is trending on the web.

Product 2

  • Product’s name : Fingerprint-Proof Screen Cleaner
  • Product’s description : Two-in-one tool for cleaning the screen of phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and TVs.

When we look at the image below, we see that, given the reactions of Internet users, the product is a trendy item that is a hit.

Fingerprint-Proof Screen Cleaner

Product 3

  • Product’s name : Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder
  • Product Description : A flexible mounting bracket for phone or tablet, very practical in the office or at home.

This third article whose screenshot is below is a trending winning product, due to a few clues: the number of “Likes”, “Shares”, “Reactions” or “Order”.

Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder

Likewise, it is evident that when we look at the interval that is between the ad creation date (01/18/2021) and the first view and last view dates (02/01/ 2021 and 07/03/2021), the product carries great chances. Because in about three months, advertising had several decisive reactions.

Product 4

  • Product’s name : Secure RFID Wallet
  • Product description : Practical and waterproof pocket or wallet that blocks RFID (system that allows an exchange of information, by means of an identifier and a reader)

The screenshot below of the ad also reveals the trending aspect according to the creation date indices of the first and last seen dates.

Secure RFID Wallet

Product 5

  • Product’s name : Shot Dispener
  • Product Description : This product conveniently pours 6 shots in one go.
Shot Dispener

When we look at the interval from the ad creation date (02/17/2021) to the ad first view and last view dates (08/05/2021 – 08/07/2021), we realize that in less than 5 months of the duration of the online ad, it has had this large number of reactions. Which confirms that this product is one of the winning products for Dropshipping.


Finding Dropshipping winning products requires the use of powerful ads spy tools. In this article, we discussed AdSpy and Dropispy which are rival spy tools when it comes to finding the winning products for Dropshipping.

Indeed, the most effective method of finding winning products for Dropshipping is to spy on the best social media ads.

And from this angle, our analyzes and experiences in the field revealed that Dropispy remains the best placed tool that can give you better results in terms of research. Because it has a Shops spy tool which spies on the trending winning stores on the Web, then an ads spy tool which then spies on the best ads of these stores in order to bring out the winners for you.

Now you have everything at your disposal in terms of reliable information! What are you going to do ? Nothing more than to take action!

If you liked this element and brought you added value in terms of information, let us know in the comments!

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